Research Interests


Thobias Sando, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE.

TTE5255: Traffic Signal Systems

CGN4931: Special Topic: Traffic Engineering Analysis

TTE5205: Operational Analysis

TTE6315: Highway Safety Analysis

TTE5805: Advanced Highway Geometric Design

TTE5205: Operational Analysis

CGN4151: Engineering Management

EGN6457: Advanced Research Methods for Engineers

EGN3613: Economics for Engineers

CGN 6933: Advanced Research Methods for Engineers

TTE 4004: Transportation Engineering

TTE 4201: Advanced Transportation Engineering

CGN 4931 /EEL 4930/ EML 3553: Project Engineering

EGN 1001: Introduction to Engineering I

EGN 2009: Introduction to Engineering II

CGN3322: Civil Engineering Geomatics

CGN3501: Civil Engineering Materials

EGN3613: Economics for Engineers