Consulting and Training

I am available to provide consulting (design and development), and training in:
  • Performance analysis and capacity planning of high-availability and high-performance distributed systems
  • Design and development of secure distributed applications including:
    Design and development of PKI infrastructure
    Developing secure applications with biometrics
    Design and development of distributed applications using both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    Experience includes RSA's B-SAFE Crypto-J API and Sun's Java Security API

  • Architecture and design of distributed applications using J2EE including: XML (DOM and SAX API), CORBA and Java IDL (both open source and commercial API CORBA implementations), Java Networking API, Java RMI, Java Servlets API, JSP, JDBC, Java Threads API, LDAP via the JNDI API.
    I have completed a course in Java Technology Architecture Planning and Design at Sun Microsystems.

  • Design of Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI)

  • Design of scalable, high-performance distributed applications

  • Middleware platforms:
    Message passing middleware including RMI, CORBA
    Message queuing middleware (both open source and commercial API)
    RPC on UNIX/C platforms
    BSD Socket Programming API

  • Performance and reliability evaluation of distributed applications

  • Designing and building proof-of-concept distributed applications using leading edge technologies

  • Research evaluation of new technologies for distributed computing
    Assessing the applicability of new technologies to applications being designed

  • N-tier client-server architecture and development

  • Network architectures (wired and wireless), network performance evaluation, simulation, and design

  • Network protocols including TCP/IP, IPv6, various routing protocols, and data link layer protocols

  • Grid computing platforms and middleware

  • Technical writing: Writing project proposals, research papers including white papers, technical design documents, technical documentation of applications and APIs, and patent applications

  • My clients include:

  • Haushahn Systems and Engineers, Grand Rapids, MI.
    Design and development of a multi-threaded, client-server system using C++, BSD sockets API, and P-threads and porting this system to HP-UX, and IBM AIX platforms.

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