Graduate Students Directed

M.S Theses/Projects Directed

M.S. theses in progress


  1. Directed Aaron Wagner’s thesis on OCR with Google Glass and Mobile Devices, Spring 2016 – Present.
  2. Directed Karthika Muthiah’s thesis titled, “Performance Evaluation of Hadoop Based Big Data Applications with Hi-Bench Benchmarking tool on IaaS Clouds.” Fall 2016 – Present.
  3. Directed Niharika Deval’s thesis on System Benchmarks for the Cloud, Fall 2014 – Present.
  4. Directed Ramya Mullaguru’s thesis on Cloud Systems, Fall 2014 - Present.
5.      Directed Thomas Furman’s thesis on Cloud Benchmarking. Spring 2013 – Present.
6.      Directed Thinh Le’s thesis titled, “Cloudlet: A Low Latency Mobile Cloud Computing Solution”. Spring 2012 – Present.
7.      Directed Inan Kaddour’s thesis titled, “Performance Analysis of Open Source Private Cloud Computing Platforms.” Spring 2013 – Present.


M.S. theses Completed


1.      Directed Neha Soni’s thesis on Benchmarking Web 2.0 Applications on the Cloud, Spring 2014 – Summer 2015.

2.      Directed  Sruthi Vijaykumar’s thesis on Data Intensive Computation on the Cloud, Summer 2014 – Spring 2015.

3.      Directed Jesus Zambrano’s thesis titled, “Mobile Cloud Computing: Offloading Mobile Computing to the Cloud”. Spring 2012 – Fall 2013.
4.      Directed Bhagwathi Kaza’s thesis titled, “Performance Evaluation of Data Intensive Computing in the Cloud”. Thesis Complete – August 2013.
5.      Directed Naveen Mupparaju’s thesis titled, “Performance Analysis of Message Oriented Middleware”. Thesis Complete - August 2013.
6.      Directed Mani Sindhu’s titled, “High-Performance Computation (HPC) in the Cloud”. Thesis Complete - December 2012.

7.      Directed Suganya Sridharan’s thesis titled, “Performance Analysis of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing”. Thesis Complete – April 2012.

8.      Directed Pavan Kumar Potti’s thesis, “On the Design of Web Services: SOAP vs. REST”. Thesis Complete - Spring 2011.
9.      Directed William Shore’s thesis titled, “Performance Analysis of DCCP Protocol”. Thesis Complete - August 2010.
10.  Directed Amit Patel’s thesis, “Enterprise Service Bus: A Performance Evaluation”. Thesis Complete - 2009.
11.  Directed Je-Loon’s master’s project titled, Performance Analysis of Web Services: a Developer’s Perspective”. Spring 2007.

12.  Directed Praveen Donta’s master’s project titled, Analysis of the Performance of Security Protocols. Completed January 2007.

13.  Directed Pedro Lopez-Fernandez’s M.S thesis titled, “Routing Protocol Performance Evaluation for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”. Thesis Complete – Spring 2007.

14.  Directed James Sweeney’s M.S thesis titled, “Nature’s Solution: A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Resource Allocation in Grid Computing”. Thesis Complete – Fall 2007.

15.  Directed Bridget Hillyer’s M.S thesis titled, “On the Performance Evaluation of High-Speed Transport Protocols”. Thesis complete - May 2006.

16.  Directed Jayant Mishra’s M.S thesis, “A Web Based Framework for P2P Computing”. Thesis Complete – December 2005.

17.  Directed Julia’s Downe’s M.S thesis, “Comparative Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad hoc Network Protocols and Setups for Self-Configuring, Scalable Networks of Sensor Devices”. Thesis Complete – December 2002.

18.  Directed Anitha Narayan’s M.S. project, “Performance Analysis of ICE: A New Object Oriented Middleware”. Fall 2004.

19.  Directed Krishna Dendukuri’s M.S. project, “Performance Evaluation of Internet Protocol Version 6 and Version 4 on WIN2000 and Linux Environments”. Fall 2004.

20.  Directed Anjani Jha’s M.S. project, “Comparison of JavaSpaces and CORBA”. Fall 2003.

21.  Directed Raquel Clark’s M.S. project, “Performance Evaluation of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): A Protocol for Web Services”. Spring 2003.

22.  Directed Mike Brand’s M.S. project, “Employing Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Development of SCORM compliant Advanced Distance Learning courses”. Spring 2003.

23.  Directed Yi Li’s M.S. project, “The Jacksonville Chinese School Website”. Fall 2002.

24.  Directed Cheryl Daucher’s M.S. project, “An Empirical Analysis of the Performance of C++ and Java ORBs in a CORBA Environment”. Fall 2001.

25.  Directed Shalaka Chaudhary’s M.S. project, “Performance Evaluation of Castor, A Framework for XML Based Applications”.  Fall 2001.

26.  Directed Yuting Zhu’s M.S. project, “Performance Evaluation of Two Different Distributed Object Architectures:  EJB and CORBA”. Fall 2001.

27.  Directed Michelle McKeller’s M.S. project, “Quantitative and Qualitative Comparisons of Industrial Strength, Commercial CORBA ORBs for the Java Platform”. Fall 2001.

28.  Directed Theresa Fitzgerald’s M.S. project, “Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Java Servlets and CGI Scripts in Web Based Applications”. Fall 2000.


M.S. thesis committees served on:


1.      Served on Brian Sharp’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Full Decoupled Degenerative Adversarial Networks”. Spring 2017 – Present.

2.      Served on Jeffrey Gouge’s thesis committee for the thesis, Garbage Collectors: A Targeted Denial of Service (DOS) Attack on Data Caching Networks”. Fall 2014 – present.

3.      Served on Sean McAdam’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Performance Evaluation of Hypervisors”. Spring 2013 – present.

4.      Served on Daniel Haddock’s thesis committee. Spring 2013 – present.

5.      Served on Varun Bhogal’s thesis committee. Spring 2012 – present.

6.      Served on Poonam Goyal’s thesis committee for the thesis, A comparative study of C, Java , Python and C#”. Spring 2013 – present.

7.      Served on Ravi Sivasubramaniam’s thesis committee. Fall 2011 – Spring 2013.

8.      Served on Shannon Birchell’s thesis committee. Fall 2011 – Present.

9.      Served on Michael Pickering’s thesis committee. Fall 2010 – Spring 2011. 

10.  Served on Brian Robert’s thesis committee for the thesis, “A Combined Method to Short-term Demand Forecast Accuracy: Data Mining Using a Bottom-up Approach”. 2009 – 10.

11.  Served on Radha Gade’s thesis committee for the thesis, Application Layer Performance of Remote Data Collection in a Surface Water Quality Monitoring System. 2008-09.

12.  Served on Gary Hale’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Improving Efficiency of Storing Large Files in Desktop P2P Storage Systems”. 2007-08.

13.  Served on Thelma Hataria’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile Methodologies in a Globally Distributed Environment”. 2006 – 07.

14.  Served on Chaz Leonard’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Statistical Analysis of Personality Types, Informal Roles, and Team Effectiveness in Software Engineering Teams”. 2006-07.

15.  Served on Sean Warden’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Extending a Metadata Model for the Interchange of Heterogeneous Scientific Data in the Context of Web Services”. 

16.  Served on Lori Stowers-Pusey’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Methodologies for Preserving XML Data in Relational Data Warehouse”. 

17.  Served on Pam Brauda’s thesis committee for the thesis, “Requirements Traceability in Use-Case Driven Development”. Fall 2003 – Spring 2004.

18.  Member of Scott Piersall’s M.S. thesis committee. Fall 2001.


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