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Nile Stanley VITA

In 1992 as president of the New Mexico State Council of the International Reading Association (NMIRA), Dr. Nile Stanley was bestowed with the nickname Nile Crocodile, the Reading Reptile by past president, Ann "Pink Flamingo" Tarleton. Nile immediately developed a fondness for the crocodile adage as it was a familiar reptile like the alligator. "The Gator," of course, is the mascot for the University of Florida, at Gainesville where Nile Stanley received his Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Childhood Education
Tenured, Associate Professor of Primary & Elementary Education

Work Address
University of North Florida
College of Education and Human Services
4567 St. Johns Bluff Road, South
Jacksonville, FL 32221-2676
(904) 620-1849 Fax :(904) 620-1025
Home Address
5663 Drake Loop Rd
Middleburg, FL 32068
(904) 282-3133


Ph.D. Reading, Curriculum & Instruction
Cognate: Counselor Education
University of Florida, May 1986

M.Ed. Reading, Elementary Education
University of Delaware, June 1979

B.S.Ed. English, Secondary Education
University of Delaware, June 1977


Tenured, Associate Professor of Primary & Elementary Education
University of North Florida, August, 1999 -- present.

Editor, Florida Reading Quarterly, June, 2003 -- 2006.

Professor and Poet in Residence in Public Schools:

Brentwood Elementary, Magnet School of the Arts
Jacksonville, Florida, 2005 - present

Sallye B. Mathis Elementary, Magnet School of the Performing Arts
Jacksonville, Florida, 2000 - 2005

Lake Forest Elementary, Magnet School of the Performing Arts
Jacksonville, Florida, 1999 - 2000

Evaluator: Even Start grant & Frost Scholar, Florida International
University, Miami, Florida, 2004 - 2006

Coordinator, Reading Education. & Professor, Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), January 1987 - August 1999.

Educational Diagnostician.: Charter Counseling Center, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation & Public Schools, Portales and Clovis, NM 1994-1999.

Adjunct Professor of Education. University of Florida, September, 1986- January, 1987.

English/Reading/Special Education Teacher. Middletown High School, Delaware. September 1979 - June 1981.


Association of Teacher Educators (ATE)
Distinguished Program in Teacher Education, 2003 for the University of North
Florida and Duval County Public Schools Urban Professional
Development School Partnership.

New Mexico International Reading Association, May 1999.
Celebrate Literacy Award.

Eastern New Mexico University May, 1997.
Spirit of Eastern Award: Excellence in Teaching



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RESEARCH REPORT (As Contributing Editor)

Florida Reading Association Studies and Research Committee (2005, Fall)
Motivation: Engagement in the literacy process. Teachers on the Cutting Edge, 17.

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Fluency, development and instruction. Teachers on the Cutting Edge,16.


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Complete Vita Available upon Request

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