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Poetry in Motion!Nile Stanley & Karen Alexander

Karen Alexander and Nile Stanley:
Queen of Rhyme and King of Performance

Available for Poet-Tree Performance Celebrations,
School Assemblies, Workshops and Conference Keynotes
. For booking information, contact Nile Stanley.


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Brentwood Poetry Stars
Brentwood Poetry Stars
Brentwood Elementary School of the Arts
Jacksonville, FL

By Nile Stanley
Karen Alexander

We're here!
To deal you delightful alliterations.
Hit you with poetry celebrations.

We're here!
To stand on words that tickle your tongue.
Cut you rhyme that laughs with love.

We're here!
To shuffle the sounds.
Stand on metaphors.
Hit on straight hearts.

We're here!
The king of performance
The queen of rhyme
We're dealers of poetry

We're here!
Show us your hand.
Ante up a rhyme.
We're dealers of poetry

Don't fold now!
Deal a deck of poems for this class.
For his spouse
We're dealers of poetry

Full House"Full House" Video Clip
162KB (lo-res for slower connections)
2.56MB (hi-res for faster connections)
Clips are show in RealPlayer 8 video format and require the RealPlayer 8Plugin. You can download a free version from Real.com.

"Full House" is a great opening poem for a show. It begins with a little vaudeville slapstick. Nile and Karen pretend to be clumsy oafs that can't find each other. Young children are delighted by their apparent stage blindness. Then poof! The two performers click together effortlessly like suave, Las Vegas card dealers. Like river city husksters they entice and coax the audience into wanting to play with not cards but words. Using the card game imagery the poets taunt the audience to "Ante up a rhyme. and Deal a deck of poems.

We have opened all of the IRA poetry olio gatherings with, "Full House." The annual IRA Poetry Olio has been four years running Atlanta 1997, Orlando 1998, San Diego 1999, and Indianapolis, 2000. The invitation within the poem is -

Come and join the Poetry Celebration!

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