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Solar Orlando

did you know Orlando is in a prime place in the United States to get the most out of your Solar panels. With its placement somewhat close to the equator, tropical climate and literally being “the sunshine state.” Orlando averages significantly more hours of daylight than most of America. Florida in General has a lot of sunshine hours. In fact according to currentresults.com Orlando has an average of 12 hours and 20 minutes of daylight each day making Orlando the perfect place to have solar panels. This number when extrapolated out to the whole year equals around 2930 hours of sunlight (when accounting for weather) a year. This is a lot more sunlight than the national average of 2660 hours (also accounting weather). This allows you to get much more energy out of your solar system than you could elsewhere. As a result, Orlando solar products typically require less solar panels and cost less money than they would elsewhere in the United States.If you would like to learn more about solar in Orlando, visit one of the top Orlando Solar Companies.

Solar in Orlando

is solar in Orlando worth it? we would truthfully say Solar in Orlando is worth it for the majority of Orlando homeowners for a variety of reasons. First and Foremost there is a large number of government subsidies that can make solar worth it in Orlando. Solar can make you energy independent and/or drastically reduce the amount you pay for your energy bell each month. This is important because as inflation continues to be high, even energy isn't safe from the effects of inflation. Getting Solar panels installed on your home, may also increase your homes value by a significant margin. Lastly getting solar in Orlando will greatly decrease your impact on the environment.

Orlando Solar Installation

Parallel solar is one of the best solar installation companies in Orlando, they have great warranties and treat their customers with the utmost dignity and respect. Parallel Solar's Solar installers are also licensed and have a lot of experience in the industry.

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