Personal Statement

I'm a firm believer that learning transforms you not only intellectually, but emotionally. I also believe that we yearn to communicate in an artistic way, and that this process of learning and communicating what we have learned, has healing powers for both, the alumni and the teacher. To understand better the connection of "Art" and "Learning" as a healing tool, I decided to study a minor in Psychology in addition to my training in computer graphics and Art in general.

I am passionate about education. Hours spent learning, opened new worlds of information and beauty. This is especially true when it came to art related subjects as well as languages. All sorts of languages: No matter if we are talking about mathematical, computational, statistical or the regular spoken languages countries use to communicate its thoughts to the world.

I’ve always been intrigued by the role of Art as a healing tool. Why are we so prone to communicate in a symbolic way, and how the result of our graphic symbolic communication, seems to help us deal with our daily struggles. From the time, we were painting on caves’ walls, to our endless doodling on the margin of our notebooks, our brain seems to favor communication in which various symbolic elements take central stage.

Art has been proven to be an effective tool to help people communicate, when regular types of communication seem not to be successful. That is why I chose to study courses in these four disciplines: Art, Graphic Design, Psychology and Public Health.

Those four areas of study when combined, they gave me a deeper understanding of how, we as human beings, react to outside stimulus:

  1. Art Design taught and gave the skills to graphically display the results of what I have learned, from the other disciplines as well as showed me the history behind art creators and their vision of how art influenced the world.
  2. Art taught me to appreciate what my soul feels when it interacts with it.
  3. Psychology taught me to understand why we react the way we do, to outside stimuli.
  4. Public Health taught me the medical language to understand the research done on the matter, as well as the importance of a balanced healthy life. The mind-body-spirit connection.