The group laboratory space is 420 ft2 and dedicated to research activities. It contains a 4 foot fume hood, gas, water, and vacuum lines. There are five seating stations and six PC's available to search literature, collect and analyze data, and prepare scientific posters, reports, contribute to manuscripts for publication, etc. In addition to the equipment and instrumentation listed below, there is shared-access to other instrumentation available in the Chemistry Department.
Chemicals High-purity chemicals are stored in a desiccator cabinet. Desiccator cabinet
Analytical Balance Solid state methods (conventional solid state, ceramic, sol gel, sealed tube, solvothermal, etc.) require careful control of reagent amounts, which are typically weighed to 0.0001 g. Analytical Balance
Agate Mortar and Pestle An agate mortar and pestle is used to grind samples prior to a reaction. Mortar and Pestle
Furnaces High temperature furnaces heat samples in the conventional solid state synthesis method. Temperature ranges are from ambient temperature up to 1100 C with five Barnstead Thermolyne 47900 box furnaces with metal coil heating elements, 1200 C with two ModuTemp furnaces with SiC elements, and 1700 C with a Barnstead Thermolyne 46100 using MoSi2 elements. High form alumina crucibles are used to contain samples at these reaction temperatures. A vacuum furnace is also available for drying reagents. Furnace
Flowing Gas A tube furnace and regulated gas flow under reducing or oxidizing conditions is used in the flowing gas method. Oxidizing, reducing, or inert gases may be used. Gas Cylinder
Gas Furnace
Solvothermal A Parr Bomb is used in the solvothermal reaction method. Solvothermal
Flux Growth A platinum crucible is used to grow crystals in the molten flux method. Crystals are recovered with the aid of an ultrasonic bath. Ultrasonic Bath
Flux Growth
Vacuum Manifold A vacuum manifold with a Welch Vacuum pump is used in the sealed tube method. Vacuum Manifold
Vacuum Manifold
Micronizing Mill A McCrone micronizing mill with Agate grinding cylinders is used to reduce particle size. Micronizing Mill
Hydraulic Press and Stainless Steel Die Sets A Carver 4350.L hydraulic press and stainless steel die set (75 mm, 25.4 mm, 13 mm, 3 mm) is used to prepare pellet samples for property measurements. Hydraulic Press and Die Sets
SS Die Sets Pellet
X-ray Diffraction A Rigaku Ultima III X-ray powder diffractometer is used for the characterization of crystalline materials. MDI Jade and the PDF2 database is available. The instrument can be used to characterize a sample and provide phase identification. The unit cell dimensions and structure may be obtained via Rietveld refinement. Rigaku Ultima III
Rigaku Ultima III
Rietveld Refinement The Rietveld method is used to determine the phases and crystal structure of a material. Six PC's are available for data analysis. Crystal structure images can be prepared using Crystal Impact's Diamond software. Rietveld
Diffuse Reflectance Sphere A LabSphere RSA-PE-20 Diffuse Reflectance Sphere in a Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 spectrophotometer is used to investigate the UV- Visible absorption properties of solids. An unverified pinout diagram for the 6 to 9 pin serial cable connector. Diffuse Reflectance Sphere
Diffuse Reflectance Sphere
Resistance Measurements A Keithley Electrometer 2002 or 6517a is used to measure the resistance of solids from room temperature to 1100 C, or from room temperature to near liquid nitrogen temperature (77 K). Temperature is monitored using a thermocouple attached to a USB-TC. The instrument is interfaced using a GPIB-USB converter and data is collected using a custom built VI controlled with Labview. Resistance
Dielectric Measurements An Agilent E4980a LCR meter is used to measure the dielectric properties of solids. At ambient temperature, an Agilent 16451b test fixture is used. Dielectric
Test Fixture
Photocatalytic Measurements A custom built photocatalytic apparatus is used to measure the photocatalytic properties of solids. Photocatalytic Box
Collaborative Measurements
Magnetic A Quantum Design MPMS and PPMS for magnetic and heat capacity measurements is located within the UNF Department of Physics. Quantum Design
High Pressure High Pressure measurements using a Diamond Anvil Cell and synchrotron XRD with colleagues at UNLV. DAC DAC
Raman and IR Spectroscopy Raman measurements using a T 64000 Jobin Yvon triple Raman spectrometer equipped with a liquid-nitrogen-cooled back-illuminated CCD detector is housed within the UNF Department of Physics and in the labs of colleagues at UNLV. DAC
SEM and EDAX Scanning electron microscopy measurements using a JEOL JSM5510 SEM and EDAX chemical analysis is housed within the UNF Department of Physics. SEM
Mössbauer Spectroscopy Mössbauer Spectroscopy is used to determine the chemical environment of Mössbauer nuclei present in the sample. Measurements are conducted with colleagues in Germany. SEM
Solid State NMR A 500 MHz NMR with a Solid State probe is housed within the Department of Chemistry. SEM
Infrared reflectance measurements Fourier transform spectrometer, Nicolet Nexus 470 with Centaurus microscope in the macro chamber with specular and diffuse reflection accessories. Measurements are conducted with colleagues in Brazil. IR