General Interest Chemistry Sites
American Chemical Society (Wiley)
Union of Concerned Scientists - AAAS
NVL - NIST Virtual Library
NIST WebBook Thermochemical properties, IR, Mass Spectra, ...
Chemical Synthesis Database
General chemistry information Purdue University General chemistry tutorial, information, links
Mad Sci Network

Periodic Table
WebElements Detailed information on each element,isotopes, etc.
Flash Periodic Table
Wooden Periodic Table
Molecular Weight Calculation

Labview Basics National Instruments

IR Bands Characteristic IR bands

The Orbitron
softBV Soft Bond Valence Sum
Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table (

Physical Properties
Qdusa - Magnetism
Introduction to Magnetochemistry
Magnetism of first-row transition metal complexes

Computational Chemistry
NMR Introduction - basics of NMR
Simulating NMR Spectra with WINDNMR-Pro
Theoretical Chemistry (

Analytical Techniques
XAFS, EXAFS, XANES Feffit computer program for the analysis of XAFS data

Mathematics and Trigonometric Identities
Platonic Realms Math Academy
Wolfram Online Integral Calculator
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometric identities and other math related pages.
Law of Cosines
Matrix Multiplication - from MathWorld
Logarithms and Significant Figures - For any log, the number to the left of the decimal point is called the characteristic, and the number to the right of the decimal point is called the mantissa. The characteristic only locates the decimal point of the number, so it is usually not included when determining the number of significant figures. The mantissa has as many significant figures as the number whose log was found.
Mathematics Encyclopedia Source of Trigonometric identities.
Cross Products
The Inverse Formula - Recall that the inverse of a square matrix A is the matrix A-1 such that AA-1 = A-1A = I. If such a matrix exists then it is unique, but it need not exist. A matrix which has an inverse is said to be invertible or non-singular.
Euler Angles -- from MathWorld

Constants and Conversions
Convert Energy Units Convert energy in web form using common units.

Error Analysis
Clemson -Standard Deviation

Miscellaneous - Columbia Analytical Services formerly Desert Analytics Laboratory
Microtek Laboratories
SciTech Strategies
Symyx - formerly MDL Chime - structure viewing in 3d
Pythagorean solids Description with diagrams
Uniform Polyhedra Three-dimensional polyhedra
Nobel Prize Winners
Sigmaaldrich - MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets Online
Broken Y-axis, Excel
Plotting Data with Kaleidagraph
Tri-plot: Ternary diagram plotting software
ZetaWare, Utilities --- Ternary Plot
Octahedron -- from MathWorld - Volume Calculation
Phase Transformations and Complex Properties Research Group
X-ray Absorption Edges
Unit Cell Dimensions - Density calculation
ESRF Highlights
Half-Metallic Antiferromagnets
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