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L.E. Smart and Moore, "Solid State Chemistry An Introduction", 4th edition, ISBN 978-1-4398-4790-9 (required)

Supplemental Textbooks:
S.E. Dann, "Reactions and Characterization of Solids", ISBN 0-471-22481-2 (recommended)
R. Tilley, "Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials"
A.R. West, "Basic Solid State Chemistry"

Solid State Chemistry Lecture Notes:
Ch. 1
Chapter 1 Introduction to Crystal Structures
Ch. 2
Chapter 2 Physical Methods for Characterizing Solids
Ch. 3
Chapter 3 Synthesis of solids
Ch. 4
Chapter 4 Bonding in Solids and Electronic Properties
Ch. 5 - AgI
Chapter 5 Defects and Non-stoichiometry
Ch. 6 - Zeolite A
Chapter 6 Microporous and Mesoporous Solids
Ch. 7
Chapter 7 Optical Properties of Solids
Ch. 8
Chapter 8 Magnetic and Electrical Properties
Ch. 9
Chapter 9 Superconductivity
Ch. 10
Chapter 10 Nanostructures and Solids with Low-Dimensional Properties


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Course Resources:
General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Crystallographic CourseWare from Bucknell, plane group symmetry elements (glide planes)
Crystallography - CSIC
Symmetry Resources and Tutorial
Symmetry and Point Groups - Many Examples
Chemistry, Structures and 3D Molecules at 3Dchem.com
Miller index practice
Rotatable Solid State Structures at the University of Sydney
MIT OpenCourseWare - Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

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