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30th SouthEastern Regional Meeting On Numbers 
March 31 - April 2, 2017

The SouthEastern Regional Meeting on Numbers (SERMON) is a series of conferences in number theory held annually at colleges and universities in the Southeast.  It is held in coordination with PaNTS, a similar conference held twice in the fall of every year. 

The core members of the PANTS consortium are Clemson University and the University of South Carolina.

We are grateful for support from the National Science Foundation, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of North Florida located at 1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224.

  • Talks will take place in BROOKS HALL Bldg. 39, Room 1016 next to the ARENA Parking Garage and Student Union.
  • Parking is available in the ARENA PARKING GARAGE (NO parking permit is required after 5pm on Friday through the weekend). 
  • Click HERE for a Campus Map!

In 2017, SERMON will be held from Friday, March 31 at 6:30pm to Sunday, April 2, 2017 at noon.

A Welcome Reception for all participants is held on Friday evening at The BOATHOUSE located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union West.
The Boathouse is also open on Sat and Sun (11am-6:30pm) and Chik-fil-A on Sat (10:30-2pm).

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Plenary speakers

Winnie Li Dorian Goldfeld Alex Smith
Winnie Li
Penn State Univ.
"Combinatorial zeta and L-functions"

Zeta functions are counting functions in nature. For instance the Dedekind zeta function for a number field counts the number of integral ideals with a given norm, the zeta function for a variety defined over a finite field counts the number of solutions in finite extensions of the base
field, while the Selberg zeta function counts the number of geodesics of a given length in a compact Riemann surface.

In this talk we shall discuss the analogue of these zeta functions in combinatorial setting, namely the zeta functions attached to graphs and higher dimensional simplicial complexes. It is interesting to compare the similarities and dissimilarities between number-theoretic and combinatorial zeta functions.

Dorian Goldfeld
"Super-positivity for self dual L-functions"

Zhiwei Yun and Wei Zhang introduced the notion of "super-positivity of self-dual L-functions" which specifies that all derivatives of the completed L-function (including Gamma factors and power of the conductor) at the central value s=1/2 should be non-negative. They proved that the Riemann hypothesis implies super-positivity for self dual cuspidal automorphic L-functions on GL(n).

This talk is based on recent joint work with Bingrong Huang where we prove, for the first time, that there are infinitely many L-functions associated to modular forms for SL(2,ℤ) each of which has the super-positivity property.

Alex Smith

"2 infinity-Selmer groups, 2-infinity-class groups, and Goldfeld's conjecture"

Take E over rationals to be an elliptic curve with full rational 2-torsion (that satisfies some extra technical assumptions). In this talk, we will show that 100% of the quadratic twists of 2 to the k have rank less than two, thus proving that the BSD conjecture implies Goldfeld's conjecture in these families.

To do this, we will extend Kane's distributional results on the 2-Selmer groups in these families to 2-Selmer groups for any2 to the k plus 1. In addition, using the close analogy between 2 to the k-Selmer groups and 2 to the k plus 1-class groups, we will prove that the 2 to the k plus 1-class groups of the quadratic imaginary fields are distributed as predicted by the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics for all2 to the k plus 1.


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Travel and Location

  • University of North Florida is located on the Southeast side of Jacksonville, FL about 7 miles from Jacksonville beach and conveniently located at the intersection of I-295 and Butler Blvd. Nestled within 1,400 acres of lush natural surroundings, the campus is an idyllic retreat.

  • Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) provides non-stop service to many major cities and is 25 minutes from UNF. Rentals cars or carpooling is recommended as public transportation is spotty, although SuperShuttle and Uber are available as well.

  • CAMPUS MAP: The conference will be held in BROOKS HALL Bldg. 39, Room 1016. Parking is available in the ARENA Parking Garage.

If you plan to request support, please share accommodations so that we can make the best use of grant funding.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Nearest to Campus

Ask for $99 SERMON
Conference Rate or UNF

Quite location, near campus and golf and grocery

Contemporary rooms & suites in a relaxed hotel offering free breakfast, an outdoor pool & a spa.
Walking distance to Starbucks, Ruby Tuesday and Publix grocery.

Please UBER or carpool...Sorry for the inconvenience.
They will lower your rate to $79 *before* you leave to compensate.

Homewood Suites by Hilton

Nearest to Campus

Nearest to campus and within the largest mall/shops & restaurants in Jacksonville

Simply furnished units with kitchens in a modern hotel, plus a pool & a free hot breakfast buffet.
Walking distance to Starbucks, Restaurants and Mall.

Holiday Inn Jacksonville

Quiet location, isolated but inexpensive

Casual hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a low-key restaurant/bar, plus free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Indigo Jacksonville


Vibrant boutique property with a bistro (and near a Starbucks!)

Colorful, modern rooms with wall murals, plus an outdoor pool & a bistro with a lakeside patio.


Aloft Jacksonville Tapestry Park

Design hotel with a cool bar and free wi-fi (and also near Starbucks!)

Contemporary property with free Wifi, a hip lounge & cocktail bar, plus an outdoor saltwater pool.

Hilton Garden Inn Jacksonville

Relaxed hotel near the cinema

Contemporary lodging with an American restaurant, business center, plus free WiFi & parking.

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