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ANT2000: CD - Introduction to Anthropology

An introduction to the critical issues in anthropology. The major subfields of archaeology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology are examined for an understanding of contemporary and past cultural issues such as the rise of civilization, origins of language, and the roots of social inequality.

ANT3312: CD - (FC) North American Indians

ANT3312: CD - (FC) North American Indians 3 This course examines selected Indian groups from a holistic perspective and compares different cultural complexes. Particular attention will be given to religion, world view, kinship, politics and economic subsistence patterns. A study of aboriginal Indian cultures will be used as a basis for comparison with current American cultures.

ANT3311: FC - Indians of the Southeastern U. S.

ANT3311: FC - Indians of the Southeastern U. S. 3 This course investigates the indigenous populations of the Southeastern United States. Material covered ranges from the prehistoric record to European Contact to the historic transformation and/or destruction of these groups. This class covers a broad range of topics and native groups.

ANT2100: Introduction to Archaeology

ANT2100: Introduction to Archaeology 3 The basic theoretical and methodological principles of American archeology. The course covers the methods and tools used by archaeologists, the framework of inquiry and methods of recovery, analysis, interpretation and explanation.


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