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Autism Helpdesk System for Making Strides for Autism

Students: Mason Eastman, Eduardo Gonzalez, Robert Mills, and Christopher Koivu

Community Partner: Making Strides for Autism  

Industry Mentor: Chad Russell and William David from Intuitive Reason  

The mission of Making Strides for Autism (MS4A) is to provide support, training, and advocacy for families and people with autism spectrum disorder; and creating a more autism-friendly community. There is no reliable data, in particular, needs assessment data to support MS4A efforts stating the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families residing in the Northeast Florida. MS4A provides various resource materials needed to help those serve individuals with autism. MS4A requires a system that will collect this data for a needs assessment survey and provides the one-stop online access to help individuals with autism, their families, and professionals navigate the resources available in our community. At registration on website, each participant should receive short surveys for collecting demographics and autism evaluation data. Resource section of site should store PDFs, videos, and links to various community resources that can be accessed by searching categories, topics, or age of child. The system should track and report on resources accessed by and data provided by users. MS4A staff will use the reports generated from the users experience to improve the organizations activities and prove needs of users for grant funding. We also hope the data collected can be used assist with research studies for the Northeast Florida autism community.


  •     User account management - Ability for users to log in, create, and manage their profile.
  •     Users of the application are parents, individuals with autism, professionals, social worker, and administrator.
  •     Ability to track the pages or types of information accessed by users.
  •     Notifications sent via email to individuals with autism, parents, professionals, and managers once site registration has been completed.
  •     Automated username and password retrieval or reset if account holder has forgot either item.
  •     A survey system that requires specific questions to be answered to create a user account.
  •     W3C WAI - The website needs to be disability ready.
  •     Reports generation on demographics and evaluations of users.
  •     Ability to create autism resource pages.
  •     Ability for storing such as PDFs, video, and website link backs to resources.
  •     Ability for searching resources based on topics and categories.
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HerCARE System for Northeast Florida Women Veterans

Students: Robert Bolden, Justin Gilmore, Christopher Johnson, and Mahmood Subhi

Community Partner: Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc  

Industry Mentor: Sean Willison from Florida Blue  

Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc. is focused on ensuring women who have served on active duty, National Guard or Reserves and their children, transition into the civilian community with the tools they need to become self-sufficient. Currently, staff members manage client intake process, program participation, volunteer details, and case management information in various sets of paper documents. The project purpose is to automate a consolidated system for client intake, programs, volunteers and case management. The web-based system should automate and consolidate information gathered by our organization. This new system would eliminate the need for multiple paper files, reduce time to create required reports, reduce time to identify repeat clients, and help monitor client's progress.


  •     Ability for veterans to self-check-in and complete in-take information.
  •     Ability for admin to make changes to the intake form.
  •     Ability for staff members to perform case management functions and monitor client goals.
  •     Ability for staff members add goals and notes to client case files.
  •     Ability to manage volunteer profile information.
  •     Ability to manage volunteer assignments.
  •     Ability to track hours contributed by volunteers.
  •     Ability to create reports on volunteer hours and assignments.
  •     Ability for admin to download data from database.
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Social Connection System for Yoga 4 Change

Students: Darnell Lemons, Varsha Parthasarathy, Nahjani Rhymer, and Rodneisha Williams

Community Partner: Yoga 4 Change  

Industry Mentor: Daniel Destouche from Forcura  

Yoga 4 Change (Y4C) is built on an established, purpose-driven curriculum that pairs yoga movements with thematic teachings tailored to the physical and emotional needs of each population we serve. Y4C needs a web-based application that will allow staff member’s to make posts on yoga postures. The post would contain videos, articles, audio recordings and pictures. The posts will be accessed by former students and eventually by pay-based users. These posts will provide tools and resources necessary for students in recovery, while also providing sustainable income to assist in scaling Y4C programming. Any Y4C alumni student will have free access to the app and others in the community will pay a one-time fee or monthly subscription. The app will collect data analytics such as user demographics, the number of times a user viewed the same page, the number of times they implement a control (rewind, pause, screenshot, etc), the number of times they log in, the time spent on one page and in the app total. This app will be a supplement for students who have left a facility and still want access to Yoga 4 Change classes and curriculum and for non-Y4C alumni who want to use and benefit from Y4C material. This web app will continue to meet the physical and emotional needs of our students and increase social connection. We believe that social connection, and increasing student’s connection to resources and tools, allow for a higher chance of successful change in outcomes. Y4C teachers will create content for the app which continues the process of empowering students and users to create lasting change in our community. This app enables students and users to connect with their bodies from any location, with real-life people teaching techniques to help get through a craving or to help with suicidal thoughts. Lastly, students and users alike will benefit from the therapeutic writing component after completing a video or audio recording. They will be asked for their stress level before and after the time spent in the app, while also having the option to respond to a question or prompt for self-reflection.


  •     Ability for administrators to upload instructional videos, articles, pictures, audio recordings.
  •     Manage templates for posting yoga posture articles.
  •     Students/users should be able to play all videos uploaded, rewind, pause or take a screenshot.
  •     Ability to gather user demographics (age, gender, alumni or regular user).
  •     Self-reported data from user/student (stress level before and after use of the app) will be collected.
  •     Students/users have a place to type a reflection as prompted by the app every time they complete a video or audio recording. (Ex. The app would say “What expectations are you holding on to about your life?” The student can type a response on the same page as self-reported data.)
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The Mad Swoopers

The Mad Swoopers

Performance Data Collection Platform for Performers Academy

Students: Connor Ackerman, Brandon Bradlee, Morgan Sturtz, and Hika Workneh

Community Partner: The Performers Academy  

Industry Mentor: Jitesh Doshi from Spinspire  

The Performers Academy (TPA) is committed to helping children find their passion for the performing arts-- especially those who may not otherwise be exposed to its power. The Performers Project provides programming to Juvenile Detention Centers, Alternative Schools, Groups Homes, and Rehabilitation Facilities in the Greater Jacksonville area. TPA believes that the performing arts provide a safe and healthy outlet for self-expression and should be available to everyone, especially for at-risk youths. TPA is in need of a web-based platform that allows our instructors to collect data on student progress on a class by class basis in a concise and organized manner. The application should track how our curriculum affect our student's mood, outlook, and overall quality of life. The application should have a feature that provides tracking mechanisms for individualized student progress. The application should also maintain instructor profiles so that instructors can upload student information under a secure password and login. The application should provide an analysis component to it that enables us to print a summary of gains and losses for a particular student over time in a specific area or artistic discipline. Having a software such as this as a resource will empower The Performers Academy by way of readily accessible quantitative data at all times that can be analyzed to show in what areas we can better serve our students and in what ways we can expand programmatic ideals. This kind of information also impacts our ability to apply for funds and increases awareness about the importance of arts as therapy for at-risk youth.


  •     Ability for managing student profile information.
  •     Ability to document entry and exit interview notes.
  •     Ability for students to complete pre and post assessment survey.
  •     Ability for teachers to add notes, incidents, and behavior issues on a student after each session.
  •     Ability to track stress level of students after each class session.
  •     Ability to gather student performance at the showcase events.
  •     Ability to export data from the system.
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Employee Training Management System for Agency for Community Empowerment

Students: Karla Clifford, Christopher Joyce, Hunter LeBranche, and Daniel Lee

Community Partner: Agency for Community Empowerment Inc.  

Industry Mentor: Tim Butts from LoanLogics  

ACE- Agency for Community Empowerment Inc. offers person-centered services that foster the ability to achieve maximum independence, self-advocacy, community integration and an enhanced quality of life. ACE Human Resources (HR) department must track and monitor employee training to ensure that employees receive all required training by the designated time. Employees have different training requirements based on their position title and the requirements of the funding sources being served. HR Department needs to have a method of assuring that all employees receive their training and background screening before it expires. ACE requires an online system where the HR Manager can enter and track employee file information. The online system would not hold any identity-specific information (such as Social Security numbers or dates of birth) but will include the employees’ names for tracking purposes. So simple log-in based security should be sufficient to protect employee data from inadvertent access. System will report status and send emails to alert when things are due. Employees being trained and certified is a crucial requirement for rendering agency’s services. Thus, this application will assist us with efficiently managing relevant information an electronic system to track it as opposed to paper-based system currently in use.


  •     Ability to manage employee information such as name, hiring date, position, ID.
  •     Ability to report on report on what training is due and accomplished by month.
  •     Notification regarding when evaluations, training, background screening, etc. is due and completed.
  •     Paper personnel files will still be maintained, but this system should track the things that go in them.
  •     Dashboard on general employee status on training needed and completed.
  •     Ability to provide training vendor information to employees.
  •     Ability to track and put notes on employee training activities.
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404 Not Found

Course Planning and Advising Tool (CPAT) for UNF School of Computing

Students: Joshua M. Faria, Robert H. Leone, Abdul Ghani N. Mahmoudi, and John C. Mier

Community Partner: UNF School of Computing  

Industry Mentor: Ernest Mombay from Life Specialty and Ventures  

Currently, UNF provides students a course recommendation tool called Osprey Maps. Osprey Maps has several limitations such as its static and incapable of changing in response to an individual student’s degree path, inability to provide students with “what if…” scenarios, and does not provide any useful information for administrators. The proposed CPATS will provide a dynamic, visualized degree path, as well as effects of withdrawing from or failing a course. The tool will also provide students with important course information as well as a list of the essential concepts with which students should be familiar before attempting to take a course. The tool will also allow administrators to view courses that are in demand for course scheduling purposes. Finally, the tool will allow advisors to review a student’s current degree path, and make modifications to help the student avoid any unnecessary delays in their graduation. The tool will help students achieve their academic goals in the most effective and efficient means possible. The tool will help students avoid any unnecessary delays in their anticipated date of graduation. The tool will provide administrators with real-time data indicating the demand for specific courses, which will assist in preparing course schedules. The tool will provide advisors with a means to discuss course planning and academic goals with students.


  •     Ability for student, advisors, and administrator access the system.
  •     Ability to upload course and student information via CSV files.
  •     Ability for students to create a course plans and path to graduation.
  •     Ability for advisors to search for students, and view and modify their course plans.
  •     Generate reports based on course demand per term and student usage.
  •     Course plan module should include a dynamic interface.
    •     Ability to drag and drop courses.
    •     Color code courses based on requisite restrictions as they are added to course plan.
    •     Easily access course descriptions, requisite information, and important concepts.
    •     Show potential registration conflicts and relevant policies.
  •     Ability for students to update progress made with a class (passed or not).
  •     Ability for students to ask what if scenarios to help make decisions on which course to register.
  •     Technology Requirements : The CPATS project requires the use of the following technologies, at a minimum, to conform to the technological requirements of the University of North Florida, which are ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.
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Blue Harvest Solutions

Blue Harvest Solutions

Event-based Auction Software for Children's Home Society of Florida

Students: Alec Rance, Brandon Rivera, Camille Soliman, and Noah Sterling

Community Partner: Children's Home Society of Florida  

Industry Mentor: Jonathan Jordan, Jonathan Elsner, and Alex Johnston from Regency Centers  

Children’s Home Society of Florida continues to deliver solutions for over 115 years that dramatically transform children’s lives and futures. CHS build bridges to success for children to realize their full potential as we end foster care as we know it. CHS holds five galas/events a year that donated items & packages are auctioned off to event participants. The donated items are incredibly diverse which brings a bit of fun to the auction event. A web-based software platform is a tool designed to connect donors to items & packages as a revenue enhancer for the event. The platform is for online bidding and auction management that helps ease the check-in/out process for the donor and admin. CHS uses pretty substantial expense for the software for managing the auction, thus, limits doing auctions twice a year. Owning the software will allow us to offer more auctions around the state reaching more potential donors and partners to continue turn odds into opportunities for children and families.


  •     Event-based, user-friendly web interface for Admin and Donor access.
  •     Ability to send bidder invoices and receipts and statements electronically.
  •     Ability to list auction items independently or add it to packages to make them more appealing.
  •     The web application should be mobile optimized, to allow bidders to see which items/packages are being offered at this second.
  •     All items should have metadata fields to help classify them against search results. Popular categories is sporting events.
  •     Ability to order items by featured listings, most active listings.
  •     Ability to buy package options should be available for bidders during the event (single day).
  •     Ability for admin to adjust email template for the event, custom categories, and order.
  •     Ability for admin to add files/galleries, configure the number of items/packages to display per page for review.
  •     Ability for admin to adjust bid increment settings.
  •     Ability for admin to view and manage user information, auction item information, and bids on auction items.
  •     Preferred programming platform : ASP.NET and SQL server database (Stored procedures, views, primary keys set for efficient data access). We use both Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 and Visual Studio Code depending on the business need. We are moving toward a microservice architecture to aid in system interaction. Because of the platform independence, we are also exploring PWA as a web architecture that can leverage ASP.NET.
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Corporate Social Responsibility Program System for Day of Difference

Students: Andrew Hill, David Munera, Jose Oropeza, and Michael Rice

Community Partner: Day of Difference  

Industry Mentor: Nicholas Campanini, and Elizabeth Moreno from feature[23]  

Day of Difference is the only company in NE Florida that exclusively connects companies and their employees to volunteer opportunities at local nonprofits. The process at Day of Difference directly connects individual employees and groups with volunteer opportunities specific to their interests and availability. For this project, Day of Difference wants to create a portal for companies with Corporate Social Responsibility programs and their employees to search and register for volunteer events. Companies will be registered and will receive a link that will be shared with employees for their registration. Employees will be able to search for volunteer opportunities based on interest and date. Once the administrator confirms the employee's volunteer event registration, the employee will receive confirmation via calendar invite and email. This software will allow Day of Difference to present volunteer events to companies and their employees virtually instead of direct communication. This system will also let Day of Difference staff members to work with individual employees instead of solely working with groups. The system will assist us with increasing the percentage of employees who take advantage of paid days off to volunteer offered by their employer and in turn provide more support to local nonprofits.


  •     Ability to manage volunteer events and related documents uploaded by admin, possibly import from Day of Difference website.
  •     Ability for companies to register with Day of Difference (general information and standard list of questions).
  •     Ability to send corporate employees’ links via email to complete volunteer profile (general info and volunteer area interest).
  •     Ability for employee to search for a volunteer event by date and area of interest.
  •     Ability for employee to express interest/register for a volunteer event (Administrator can approve or deny).
  •     Employees within the same company should be able to view colleagues that are registered for/have expressed interest for each volunteer event.
  •     Ability to send employees a calendar invite and email as confirmation of registration for volunteer event.
  •     Ability to manually input/track employee attendance at volunteer events by administrator.
  •     Ability to generate report showing hours volunteered by each company/employee and hours volunteered at each nonprofit.
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Student Team
4D Development

4D Development

Volunteer Tracking System for City Rescue Mission

Students: John Amiel Bueser, John Supina, Kristen Wankowski, and Yanling Zhang

Community Partner: City Rescue Mission  

Industry Mentor: Jason Dean, and Noah Emmons from feature[23]  

The City Rescue Mission (CRM) is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting the homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, and needy by serving them through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. CRM has an overnight guest facility, Life Builders Christian residential drug and alcohol recovery program, a Workforce Development program and Homes of Hope transitional housing. CRM has over 800 volunteers that regularly serve the homeless and needy of Jacksonville. Services provided to the homeless include emergency food and shelter, addiction recovery, health and dental care, workforce development and job placement. The purpose of the Volunteer Tracking System (VTS) is to streamline the tracking of volunteers and aggregation of report data. The primary function of the VTS is to gather information from about volunteers’ service and export data to CRM’s Donor Management System. The VTS should be accessible to all employees at CRM in a closed (intranet), web-based system. This system will improve the City Rescue Missions effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to collecting volunteer information and assimilating them into ideal volunteer opportunities.


  •     Ability to import necessary volunteer information into VTS system.
  •     Ability for any CRM employee to enter volunteer information for tracking purposes.
  •     Ability for administrators to access volunteer information and filter based on interests and skills.
  •     Ability for administrators to export mailing list data.
  •     Ability to exporting volunteer report data into Excel.
  •     Ability to exporting volunteer data format for importing into CRM’s Donor Management System.
  •     Ability for volunteers to sign-in and sign-out at the volunteer activity locations.
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Student Team
JAKL Coding

JAKL Coding

Club Challenge Report Dashboard for Challenge Enterprises

Students: Peabo D. Barrera, Jing M. Lan, Isaac Newton, and Santiago Saavedra Matamoros

Community Partner: Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc.  

Industry Mentor: Ed McDonald, Sean McAdams, and Thomas Tuttle from Black Diamond (SS&C Advent)  

Challenge Enterprises’ mission is to promote the Power of People and Possibilities for individuals living with disabilities. Challenge Enterprises is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that operates in the form of a social enterprise, meaning our primary purpose is for the common good. Challenge Enterprises’ social agenda is advanced by utilizing the methods and disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace. Club Challenge is a social program for persons with disabilities who enjoy meeting new people, participating in recreational activities or are seeking activities in their early retirement years. The mission of Club Challenge is to promote the power of social engagement for individuals seeking friendships. Club Challenge will be the bridge for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that desire to participate fully in activities that satisfy their personal goals, expand their interests, engage in volunteer service, learn about taking care of themselves and others and exploring the possibilities of the power of work. Challenge Enterprises needs a computer program to prepare monthly and quarterly reports for compliance and billing purposes with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. This program needs to track each members Individualized Interest Plan (IIP), personal goals, daily activities, and volunteer hours monthly and quarterly. Challenge Enterprises spends many hours (days) capturing this data through multiple spreadsheets. A computer program will reduce the hours spent on preparing monthly and quarterly reports and ensure the accuracy of the data. Challenge Enterprises could generate the report more frequently, and the dashboard could provide up to date information for management, compliance and reporting needs.


  •     Ability to manage each member’s Individualized Interest Plan goals and activities with the Club.
  •     Using gathered data generate performance report that includes active members per goal and members participating in the goal.
  •     Generate report on Quarterly Return on Investment includes total members served, volunteered and obtained employment.
  •     Generate activities report that includes daily all activities offered and number of members who participated.
  •     Generate volunteer report that includes daily all volunteer locations, number of hours and total members who participated.
  •     Dashboard to show all of the data gathered.
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Student Information Reporting Management System for Communities in Schools Jacksonville

Students: Daniel Cassel, Ryan Donovan, Nicholas Soriano, and Adam Swope

Community Partner: Communities in Schools Jacksonville  

Industry Mentor: Austin Vanderpool and Michael Claudio from Holmes Custom  

For more than 25 years, Communities in Schools (CIS) of Jacksonville has been helping students achieve in school, graduate and go on to bright futures. Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS collects student data from 37 schools for approximately 6500 students through various sources, i.e., excel spreadsheets and three different software systems totaling 31 separate spreadsheets. Once CIS Jacksonville collects the data, it is then transferred using the copy and paste functions of Excel to one mega spreadsheet of five columns each. This large spreadsheet is then submitted to Duval County Public Schools Research, Evaluation and Data Team. The spreadsheet is returned to CIS with up to 35 fields or columns of information per student. The mega spreadsheet is sliced into six separate programs and one spreadsheet for an unduplicated count of students. Each of the seven spreadsheets are then used to calculate student demographics, grades and other percentages as requested by CIS Administration and presented within a Word document. Many of data extracted from these excel sheets are same with few variations. Many of the calculations performed on these are also identical with few exceptions. CIS wants to automate data extraction and report generation process using a web-based interfaces. As a non-profit organization, CIS depends upon funds received to ensure the future sustainability of our program which will help us continue reaching at-risk students and providing the necessary services to keep them on track to graduation. These funds are dependent upon CIS effectively telling our story and painting a picture of our students’ success. This program will help CIS tell that story more efficiently and effectively through the data presented to our Board Members, Investors, staff and future Donors.


  •     Ability to upload Excel files download from different schools and software systems (most of the files have same columns).
  •     Capability to generate reports based on selection through query’s.
  •     Calculate demographic percentages, grade percentages, promotion rates, etc. by date ranges.
  •     Dashboard to view all of the data and graph-based visualization of selective dataset.
  •     Retain historical data across school years.

Student Team
Ditto Software

Ditto Software

Hope & Healing Dashboard System for Hubbard House

Students: Joseph Betbeze, Matthew Dowdie, Arianne Jones, and Athlene Jones

Community Partner: Hubbard House, Inc.  

Industry Mentor: Nick Tzanev, and Justin Weinzimmer from Life and Specialty Ventures  

Hubbard House provides safety, empowerment, and social change for victims of domestic violence and their families. Hubbard House has two counseling programs to help survivors of domestic violence and their children understand and cope with the trauma and trauma symptoms experienced. For both programs, we have utilized pre and post assessments to measure levels of functioning, levels of trauma symptoms, and feelings of empowerment. Pre-assessments are given before receiving services and are used to inform how to proceed in therapy. Post-assessments are used to determine changes after provision of services, to identify patterns, and to learn to improve the program. Hubbard House is in need of a web application for inputting pre and post assessments data and a dashboard visualizations to view trends in the data. Ultimately, this program will help advance the Hubbard House evaluation agenda. As such, Hubbard House will use evaluation data to improve services and inform the broader sector of findings and best practices. Hubbard House also will be able to share the impact with donors and other stakeholders to increase funding and collaboration opportunities to help survivors of domestic violence and their children.


  •     Data entry forms for pre and post assessments. Forms vary based on child and adult counseling programs.
  •     Dashboard that shows data per individuals, groups, relevant demographic, and time frames.
  •     Dashboard visualizations for patterns of symptoms by different demographics, patterns of success by different counselors, comparative analysis among service providers and that we would be able to filter for these different demographics, staff, length of participation, and location of services.
  •     Ability to import historical assessment data. It could be “data dumped” as Excel spreadsheets into the program.
  •     Ability to export assessment data as Excel sheets.
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Student Team
Net Assets

Net Assets

Facility Management and Project Requests Tracking System for Five STAR Veterans Center

Students: Ryan Geddings, Myisha Kinberg-Cowan, Shaun Young, and Gregory Cunningham

Community Partner: Five S.T.A.R. Veterans Center  

Industry Mentor: Lisa Lamontagne, and Gregory Read from Step Up for Students  

Five Star Center, a nonprofit organization, funded by grants and donations, is primarily a residential center for homeless veterans that houses 20–30 residents at any given time. The Mission of the Five Star Veterans Center is to assist Veterans who are coping with the insidious side effects of PTSD and TBI to RESTOR their health, RECOONECT with friends and family, and REJOING the workforce with a job. The goal of the Facility Management tracking system plays a multi-fold process with a few goals in mind. The center need to be able to streamline maintenance and support requests. The center also need to track projects in a manner that will allow us to dynamically determine when project was started when it was completed, reason why the project was not approved, etc. In addition to this, the center wants to be able to expand this system to track maintenance requests and frequency of occurrences, IT requests and occurrences and other variances and areas that could potentially serve well under a similar tracking flow as decided between our team and the development team. The center do have a working application to provide examples of what has worked for us with another development. The impact of a project like this will assist the staff in being able to streamline our effectiveness in supporting our business goals and strategies; however, more important it will help us to serve our Veterans better!


  •     Ability for center staff members to make a project request.
  •     Ability for staff members to add more information to the project request such as vendors used to address the issue, any notes, estimated cost, invoiced amount, etc.
  •     Ability for CFO to approve, deny, and mark as pending the project requests.
  •     Ability for COO to close open project requests.
  •     Dashboard for CEO to view project request data and frequency of similar type of requests.
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Student Team


Poetry Cataloging System for Hope at Hand

Students: Rabia Ali, Diego Herrada, William Milligan, and Laura Roxanne Young

Community Partner: Hope at Hand  

Industry Mentor: Jonathan Ohlrich from Imagined.Cloud  

Hope at Hand is a 501©3 nonprofit that provides poetry therapy for at-risk youth in North Florida. Using art and poetry, Hope at Hand facilitate healing and personal growth to struggling youth populations. Hope at Hand uses 200-300 poems and lesson plans during our sessions with at-risk youth. Hope at Hand currently use paper copies of lessons in sheet proctors in 3 ring binders. The only way for Hope at Hand teachers to share lessons is to all come together and make copies for each other’s binder! During the launch of Hope at Hand organization, there were only two instructors, so it was not a significant problem. Now, with ten teachers and 19 partner organizations, Hope at Hand desperately need an electronic cataloging system for storing and sorting and sharing poetry lessons. The impact of the software will increase efficiency in Hope at Hand organization with a direct correlation to ability to provide services to at-risk youth. Hope at Hand teachers drive to the office and flip through binders for new lessons. An electronic system will allow staff to access a full catalog of lessons reaching a wide variety of community needs.


  •     Ability to store poetry electronically along with metadata information.
  •     Metadata information would include gender, ethnicity, published or student poem, location where poem was written (partner agency), theme of the poem, form of the poem, lesson plan name, and art project.
  •     Ability manage poem and lesson plan templates.
  •     Ability to link poems to lesson plans.
  •     Ability search for poems using metadata information.
  •     Ability select and generate sample poem artifact for a lesson plan.
UNF Innovators JCA Workflow Poster

Student Team
UNF Innovators

UNF Innovators