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Food Pantry Tracking System For Community Health Outreach

Students: John Fitzgerald, Robert Goodman, Scot Hancock, and Nolan Wagner

Community Partner: Community Health Outreach  

Industry Mentor: Mike Potts from feature[23]  

The Community Health Outreach food pantry has two locations in Jacksonville. Clients are allowed a maximum of 12 visits per year and may not receive food more than once in a seven day period. This information is tracked utilizing an excel spreadsheet on Sharepoint. This format is challenging for many of the volunteers who are elderly and often the data is altered unknowingly. Students developed a Web application system that can be accessed from multiple locations, and track client information and dates of visit. Volunteer users were provided read-only status to view client information and make only required data entries thereby minimizing client data corruption. Admin users were provided ability to manage client information and generate pre-built reports.


  •     The system is password protected and accessible via the web.
  •     Ability to manage client information
  •     Displays uneditable by the general information for volunteers, but editable information for administrators.
  •     Ability to run reports on client data and food pantry allotted.
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Symposium Winners

  Honorable Mention Award in the Fall 2014 School of Computing Symposium  

The Way Free Medical Clinic Volunteer Management System

Students: Sean Boyle, Daneel Leith, Paul Lopera, and Bradley Pressnalle

Community Partner: The Way Free Medical Clinic  

Industry Mentor: Ernest Mombay from Life Specialty and Ventures  

The Way Free Medical Clinic wants to manage volunteer data in an electronic system which would allow all paperwork and data to be permanently stored in a paperless system. The problem faced by the clinic was keeping track of volunteer time which was being documented using paper time sheets. Every week, clinic staffs would spend considerable amount of time entering the information from the sign in sheet to excel and generate reports required by sponsors. Students developed a web-based system to manage volunteer demographic information and ability for volunteers to time in and out when they work at the clinic. Admin were provided functionality to manage volunteer information, resolve conflict time entries, and generate reports required by funders.


  •     Ability to manage volunteer and employee profile information
  •     Ability for Volunteers to complete forms
  •     Volunteer check-in and employee timesheet check-in (and check-out)
  •     Track volunteer and employee hours
  •     Ability for admin to see all data and export data
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Straight Line API

City Rescue Mission (CRM) Food Services Inventory System

Students: Caitlin Glenz, Curtis Nowak, Casey Parker, and Thomas Petrocelli

Community Partner: City Rescue Mission (CRM)  

Industry Mentor: Danan Hudson from feature[23]  

The goal of this project is to develop a Food Services Inventory System that can track, adjust and be accessed from any computer, tablet or smart phone. City Rescue Mission (CRM) used less-than-optimal solutions to manage warehouse inventory. All product-stock was recorded in a simple spreadsheet which led to erroneous data and inefficient record-keeping. Additionally, orders placed from kitchen managers to the warehouse were done so via email. This led to islands of information with no central database in place. Students developed a web-based system to allow kitchen managers instant access inventory at any time and place orders. System provides functionality for manual entry of inventory received and manage inventory catalogue.


  •     Allows system administrators to grant/restrict user access
  •     Ability for warehouse manager to manage product information
  •     Ability for warehouse manager add, update, and remove product quantities for receiving and quantity corrections
  •     Ability for kitchen managers to place orders for recipe supplies
  •     Ability for warehouse manager to see orders place and fulfill them
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Symposium Winners

  Best Real World Application Award in the Spring 2015 School of Computing Symposium  

Volunteer and Donor Registration System for Agency for Community Empowerment

Students: Wendy Hare, Troy Kearney, Vincent Losito, and Eric Van Ness

Community Partner: ACE-Agency for Community Empowerment Inc.  

Industry Mentor: Chad Russell from Intuitive Reason  

Agency for Community Empowerment wants a Web-based system that will allow us to manage volunteers, events, donors and wish lists. ACE is growing rapidly, thus, having difficulty in keeping track of volunteer and employee hours, as well as qualifications. ACE wants a system that allows volunteers and donors to log in and maintain their profile information and allow admins to maintain list of events and wish list of resources (like classroom supplies and rental pick-up truck) in-need. Students developed a web-based database and management system that will allow volunteers to register and create an account. System allows administrator to read and approve new volunteers and keep track of their qualifications. Systems allows creates reports relevant for funding agencies.


  •     Ability for volunteers and donor to create and manage their profile
  •     Log-in capability for volunteers and donors
  •     Ability for admin to maintain events listing and resource wish lists
  •     Ability for volunteers and donors to registration for events and wish lists
  •     Ability for admin to view and extract back-end data
  •     Ability for admin to search for volunteer, donor, events, wish lists
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Dont Break Master

Dont Break Master

UNF School of Computing UniScheduler

Students: Mojgan Kamyar, Tyler Osborn, and Michael Pepis

Community Partner: UNF School of Computing  

Industry Mentor: Raymond McDermott from feature[23]  

School of Computing wants to replace the current paper-based approach with all-in-one scheduling tool that will eliminate the need for hours upon hours of planning by hand. Unischeduler should be one-stop solution for departmental scheduling of classes from semester to semester that will handle filling out the standardized scheduling Excel spreadsheet electronically. Students developed a web system that allows instructors to submit their course preferences form electronically and have the ability to update their form constantly until the due date. Based on inputs received from instructor and rules provided by the admin, system dynamically creates a draft schedule.


  •     Ability for faculty members to submit their schedule preferences in terms of times, days, and courses and use this data when creating a draft schedule
  •     Produces draft schedules using faculty schedule data using an intuitive GUI. The GUI displays all department courses in a user-friendly fashion allows easy changes to be made by simply clicking and dragging.
  •     Produces an Excel Spreadsheet when the schedule is finalized for sending to the college scheduler.
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Symposium Winners

  Honorable Mention Award in the Spring 2015 School of Computing Symposium  

UNF Library Study Room Reservation System

Students: Keith Andrews, Ashley Barr, Gian-Paul Quinones, and Roberto Reyes

Community Partner: UNF Thomas G. Carpenter Library  

Industry Mentor: Frank Ray from Intuitive Reason  

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library (“library”) needs a web-based study room reservation system that can be used to manage 21+ different group study rooms within the library. The system is to be utilized by students and faculty alike, and it should be both mobile and desktop ready. The System should adhere to library group study policies and procedures, and it should be capable of running on a LAMP hosting platform that the library will provide. Students developed a web system that displays room details, pictures, and a “floor plan” view of where the room is located. The system provides several views, including a public view that allows people both on campus and off campus to make reservations, an administration view that allows library staff to manage the rooms and make adjustments to existing reservations, and a tablet-ready view that shows individual rooms—this view will be displayed on mounted iPads just outside each door. These views provides both the daily schedule for that particular room as well as allow someone to book an open slot.

Students developed an attractive home page with a carousel displaying the currently available study rooms and library instructions for reserving a room. The second tab includes . The third tab entitled “Check a Reservation” allows students to verify if the second party involved has confirmed the reservation. Students have many ways of viewing, scheduling, and reserving a study room.


  •     Mobile & desktop-ready web application (LAMP stack based application)
  •     Homepage with a carousel displaying the currently available study rooms and library instructions for reserving a room
  •     Make a Reservation provides ability to reserve rooms as well as provides information about schedule and details of every study room in the library
  •     Check a Reservation functionality allows students to verify if the second party involved has confirmed the reservation
  •     Ability for admin to create and manage users, configure the application, manage the reservations, and run analytical reports
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Symposium Winners

  First Place in the Fall 2014 School of Computing Symposium  
  Second Place in the Spring 2015 School of Computing Symposium  

Groundworks JAX Volunteer Management System

Students: Kara Argus, Michael Melnick, Sonali Purohit, and Alexander Valley

Community Partner: Groundworks Jacksonville  

Industry Mentor: Bryan Moore from Life Specialty and Ventures  

Groundworks JAX wanted a volunteer management system (VMS) that allows us to manage volunteer information, event information, and events supported by volunteers. They would like to keep track of event participation and to calculate hours worked by our volunteers. Students developed a web system that allows volunteers to create their own profile page. Admin can manage demographic information of our volunteers gathered through volunteer profile page. System also displays a summarized view of events participated and totals hours contributed by volunteers.


  •     Ability for volunteers to create profile pages with demographic info
  •     Ability for admin to manage and update list of volunteers
  •     Ability to manage and update events and other volunteer opportunities
  •     Calculates volunteer hours contributed
  •     Tracks events participated in by volunteers
  •     Report generation based on VMS data
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SoC Symposium E-Voting System

Students: Nicholas Campanini, Jason Cummings, and Justin Weinzimmer

Community Partner: UNF School of Computing Symposium  

Industry Mentor: Nick Tzanev from Life Specialty and Ventures  

Attendees of the UNF School of Computing Symposium event can cast their vote on projects they liked. Based on the number of votes received, winners of the symposium are announced. Voting is used for deciding winners for variety of categories. Current voting system allows attendees to cast one vote per poster. Symposium organizers wanted an innovative and configurable electronic voting system. Students based a web voting system that allows switching on and off feature sets that modifies number of votes casted per poster.The system allows the symposium administrator to create and manage each semesters symposium and the corresponding projects and attendees. It allows for flexible voting styles and real time voting data during the live event. System uses a responsive web pages to allow attendees cast their vote through a mobile device via a QR code reader, or through more conventional means via a desktop website GUI. The system archives votes received every semester and generates simple reports on voting data gathered.


  •     Ability to add list of posters and poster information
  •     Ability to generate voting IDs for attendees
  •     Configurable settings that determines worth of a vote per poster
  •     Ability to archive voting data at the end of symposium
  •     Ability to generate graphical charts on votes received for categorizes
  •     Ability to generate reports on archived voting data
  •     Responsive voting system that works for desktop and mobile screen sizes
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