Minimum Violations (MinV)
College Football Ranking
Final MinV Ranking for the 2004 Season

At right are the rankings of all NCAA Division 1-A college football teams thru the games of January 4, 2005 (i.e., through the end of the 2004 season and all bowl games) using MinV, a model developed by Jay Coleman of the University of North Florida.  MinV generates a ranking that minimizes the number of game score violations -- that is, the number of times a game's winner is ranked behind the team it defeated.  In other words, MinV guarantees the ranking with the best retrodictive accuracy.

The ranking at right results in only 54 violations out of 651 Division 1-A games, or a minimum violation percentage of 8.29%.

A minimum violations ranking has never before been presented for college football (due in part to the extreme computational difficulty involved for a problem with 117 teams).  However, there are literally trillions of different rankings at any given point in time that would yield the same minimum number of violations; the ranking shown is only one of those.

The academic article describing MinV and its application to the 1994 through 2004 college football seasons has recently been accepted for publication in Interfaces, a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

The MinV ranking for the current college football season can be found here.

The final MinV pre-NCAA Tournament ranking for college basketball in 2005 can be found here.


About the Author

Jay Coleman
is the Richard deRaismes Kip Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods in the Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida.  His research with Allen Lynch (of Mercer University) on modeling the decisions of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, first published in the journal Interfaces, has been featured by
the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, the New York Times, the Associated Press, UPI, and USA Today, as well as over 50 other major media outlets, including CNN Headline News, the Sporting News, and CBS SportsLine.  More information about the NCAA Tournament model can be found at  His research with Ken Jennings and Frank McLaughlin on final offer arbitration in professional baseball has been published in Cal-Berkeley's Industrial Relations journal.

The author is very grateful to Peter Wolfe for his invaluable service of providing the game scores used in developing the current ranking.  Special thanks also go to Kenneth Massey and James Howell for providing the game scores from past seasons that were used to develop and test the MinV model.  Kenneth Massey deserves tremendous thanks for compiling and comparing the many different college football ranking systems on the web, and for including the MinV ranking on his site.  Thanks also to Eugene Potemkin for including the MinV ranking in his rank of rating systems for college football, in which the MinV ranking consistently places very highly according to his fairness assessment.

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1 Southern Cal
2 Auburn
3 Virginia Tech
4 Miami FL
5 Tennessee
6 Oklahoma
7 Utah
8 Texas
9 Texas A&M
10 Texas Tech
11 California
12 Arizona St
13 Michigan
14 Georgia
15 Iowa
16 Wisconsin
17 Minnesota
18 Northwestern
19 Purdue
20 Ohio State
21 Louisville
22 Oklahoma St
23 Boise St
24 LSU
25 Colorado
26 Florida
28 Florida St
29 Fresno St
30 Virginia
31 Boston College
32 North Carolina
33 Penn St
34 Georgia Tech
35 West Virginia
36 Clemson
37 Iowa St
38 Syracuse
39 North Carolina St
40 Connecticut
41 Kansas
42 Maryland
43 Toledo
44 Kansas St
45 South Carolina
46 Northern Illinois
47 Wake Forest
48 Bowling Green
49 Arkansas
50 Cincinnati
51 Troy St
52 Alabama
53 Memphis
54 Marshall
55 Southern Miss
56 Nebraska
57 Oregon St
58 Pittsburgh
59 Notre Dame
60 South Florida
61 East Carolina
62 Hawai`i
63 Tulane
64 Alabama-Birmingham
65 Missouri
66 TCU
67 Baylor
68 North Texas
69 Navy
70 Miami OH
71 Middle Tenn St
72 Rutgers
73 Akron
74 Kent St
75 Temple
77 Michigan St
78 Ohio U.
79 Illinois
80 Kentucky
81 Indiana
82 Oregon
83 Stanford
84 Washington St
85 New Mexico
86 Arizona
87 Brigham Young
88 Colorado St
89 Wyoming
90 Mississippi
91 San Diego St
92 Arkansas St
93 UL-Monroe
94 Louisiana Tech
95 Air Force
96 Utah St
98 SMU
99 Nevada
100 Idaho
101 Tulsa
102 Washington
103 Eastern Michigan
104 San Josť St
105 Buffalo
106 Rice
107 Central Michigan
108 New Mexico St
109 Houston
110 Vanderbilt
111 Ball St
112 Mississippi St
113 Duke
114 UL-Lafayette
115 Army
116 Western Michigan
117 Central Florida