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NCAA Tournament "Dance Card"    

Media Attention

Research associated with the updated versions of the Dance Card has been featured by Sports Illustrated, TIME, CNBC, Network World, Deadspin, First Coast News Channel 12/25 (Jacksonville), CBS Channel 30 / Fox Channel 47 (Jacksonville), and WRAL-TV (Channel 5) and WNCN-TV (both in the NC research triangle).

The original Dance Card has been featured in articles by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, the New York Times, CNN Headline News, UPI, and the Associated Press, two stories from which were picked up by a large number of newspapers and news Web sites, including the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Miami Herald, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

The research has also been widely featured in the business intelligence and customer relationship management media, including stories in CIO magazine, the Business Intelligence Journal, eWeek, Information Week, Database Trends & Applications, the Business Intelligence Network,,,,, DSstar, and DM Review.

It was also the subject of invited lectures at M2004 and M2005, the world's largest data mining conference, and has been the topic of numerous television and radio interviews.

B. Jay Coleman, Ph.D.
Richard deR. Kip Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods
Department of Management | Coggin College of Business | University of North Florida | Jacksonville, FL 32224