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MinV and MVP College Football Rankings


The author is very grateful to Peter Wolfe for his invaluable service of providing the game scores used in developing the current ranking.  Special thanks also go to Kenneth Massey and James Howell for providing the game scores from past seasons that were used to develop and test the MinV model.  Kenneth Massey deserves tremendous thanks for compiling and comparing the many different college football ranking systems on the web, and for including the MinV ranking on his site.  As the constituents of the composite target ranking that is currently being employed in MinV's secondary objective, I acknowledge the contributions from the strongly predictive rankings of Edward Kambour and William Born, and thank them for providing their weekly rankings on the web.

Thanks also to Eugene Potemkin for including the MinV ranking in his rank of rating systems for college football, in which the MinV ranking consistently places very highly according to his fairness assessment. Appreciation is also extended to Ray Waits, David Wilson, and Stewart Huckaby, who include MinV on their Superlist of nine leading college football ranking systems.

B. Jay Coleman, Ph.D.
Richard deR. Kip Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods
Department of Management | Coggin College of Business | University of North Florida | Jacksonville, FL 32224