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NCAA Tournament "Dance Card"    


In order to build the original Dance Card formula, Coleman and Lynch used data, including estimates of the RPI for each team, from, the web site of Jerry Palm of Palm Sports Resources, Inc. The authors are extremely grateful to Mr. Palm for his work to provide this information.

In order to build the data on which the updated Dance Card and its rankings were developed, the authors used game scores from Ken Pomeroy. The authors are very thankful to Mr. Pomeroy for his generous and invaluable service. Special thanks also go to Kenneth Massey for including the Dance Card rankings on his basketball ranking compilation page.

The authors would like to give a hearty and special thanks to all the good people at SAS Institute Inc., the maker of the software package used to develop the Dance Card. In particular, we thank Mike Nemecek, Faye Merrideth, Anne Milley, Brendan Bailey, and Trent Smith, each of whom have been an absolute delight to work with.

B. Jay Coleman, Ph.D.
Richard deR. Kip Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods
Department of Management | Coggin College of Business | University of North Florida | Jacksonville, FL 32224