University of North Florida       Department of Philosophy

 Hans-Herbert Kögler
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Graduate Studies Coordinator

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UNF Classes currently taught:

Graduate Proseminar 1: Practical Philosophy in Culture & Society
Philosophy of Language; 
Philosophy of the Social Sciences;
Social Philosophy;
Theory and Politics of Multiculturalism (Honors Course);
Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy;
Philosophy of Music;
Introduction to Philosophy

Further teaching expertise includes Modern Philosophy; Philosophy of Art; Phenomenology; Recent French Philosophy; Introduction to Ethics, and courses on major figures in recent European philosophy.


Student Thesis Supervision Work

Honors Thesis Advisor:

David Robbins, “Mediated Meaning: Language and Culture’s Role in Shaping Interpretation,” 2000

Andrew Vleck, “Benjamin’s Theory of History and the Russian Revolution,” 2002/2003

Jeffrey Haines, “Genealogy of the Modern Identity: A Foucauldian Interpretation of Individualism, Rights, and Morality,” 2006

Liberal Arts Thesis Advisor:

George Fletcher, “Holism, Hermeneutics, and Heterophenomenology: A Critique of Daniel Dennett’s Intentional Stance, 2001, published in “The Osprey Journal of Ideas and Inquiry,” Vol. II, Fall 2002.

Committee Member of the Liberal Arts Thesis, Andrew Fairbanks, and the Philosophy Honors Thesis, Michele Merritt at UNF.

MA in Practical Philosophy & Applied Ethics:

Kristina Farrell: “The Classroom as a Community of Inquiry: Rethinking Eductaion in terms of Autonomy, Pluralism and Democratic Values,” defended Spring 2007


External Advisory Work:

M.A. Level:

Sebastian Harrer, “L’esthétique de l’existence:  Michel Foucault et Frédéric Nietzsche,” Université de Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne, UFR de Philosophie

Ph.D. Level:

Paul Hendrickson: “A Social Critique of Reflexive Reason,” Ph.D. thesis (philosophy), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, , defended Fall 2000 (main supervisor)

Steve Bailey, “Agency, Culture, Meaning,” Ph.D thesis (Communication Studies), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, defended Spring 2001 (committee member).

Fritz Renken, thesis on the model of dialogue in Quaker history, Ph. D. thesis at the University of Göttingen, Germany, ongoing.

Jan Balon, “Critical Realism in Social Theory,” Ph. D. thesis at the Karls University of Prague, ongoing.