University of North Florida       Department of Philosophy

 Hans-Herbert Kögler
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Graduate Studies Coordinator

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1994 – 2000:

Frankfurter Benjamin Vorträge, Frankfurt 1994: “Modernität als Erfahrung: Benjamin und Foucault.”

XIIIth World Congress in Sociology, Bielefeld 1994: “Alienation as Epistemological Source.”

2nd Theory, Culture, and Society Conference, Berlin, July 1995, “Rethinking Reflexivity.”

Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Tampere, Finland, June 1996: “Meaning and Power: Toward a Semiotics for Critical Theory.”

College of the Holy Cross, Philosophy Department, November 1996, “The Explanation of Meaning.”

University of Southern Carolina, Philosophy Department, Columbia, April 1997: “The Explanation of Meaning,” and Center for Government Studies, U. of Southern Carolina: “Social Systems and the Value of the First Person.”

5th Critical Theory Roundtable, September 26-28, St. Louis 1997: “Language, Power, and Subjectivity: On Critical Theory and Cultural Studies.”

Third Annual Theory Workshop, Florida State University, Tallahassee, February 20-22, 1998, (Social Theory ‘after’ Postmodernism: The Next Step):  “A Critical Hermeneutics of Subjectivity: Cultural Studies as Critical Social Theory.”

Third World Congress by the Society for Universalism, on “Universal Dialogue,” Babson College, Wesley/Boston, August 6-8, 1998:  “The Challenges of Multiculturalism, General Education, and Organic Cosmopolitanism.”

APA Eastern Division Meeting, 27-30 Dec., 1999 Boston, MA, "The Cosmopolitan Core of Multiculturalism," at a panel I organized on "Multiculturalism and the Cosmopolitan Ideal" on behalf of the ‘International Society for Universal Dialogue.’

University of Arizona, conference ‘Toward a Science of Consciousness,’ Tucson 2000, April 10-15, poster presentation on “Self-Consciousness and Social Externalism.”

University of Kentucky, International Social Theory Consortium, Inaugural Conference, ‘Social Theory 2000,’ talk on “Normative vs. Holistic Approaches to Reflexivity in Critical Social Theory,” Lexington, May 11-14, 2000.


Since 2001:

Kalamazoo College, conference on ‘Bakhtin and Dialogical Models of Self,’ April 6/7 2001, talk on “The Myth of the Unified Self: Dialogical Subject-Constitution after Mead and Bakhtin.”

Inter-University Center, Dubrovnik, Croatia, April 23-27, 2001, interdisciplinary conference on ‘The Future of Religion: Different Conceptions of Modernity,’ invited lecturer on “After Postmodernism” and “Toward a Theory of Social Reflexivity.”
Canadian Philosophical Association, Annual Meeting Quebec City, May 24-27, 2001, “Models of Critique for the Multicultural Public Sphere” on the panel ‘Employing Critique.’
University of Sussex, EnglandSecond International Conference by the “International Social Theory Consortium,” July 5-7, 2001, “Social Constructionism and the Value of the First Person.”

University Of London, SOAS (School for Oriental and African Studies), conference on ‘Dialogue and Difference,’ Sept. 20-23, 2001, invited speaker on “Recognition and Difference: Epistemic and Ethical Sources of Interpretive Dialogue.”

St. Louis University, 10th Critical Theory Roundtable, “Subversive Performance or Hermeneutic Competence: Reconstructing the Subject of Politics,” Oct. 25-27, 2002.

University of Giessen, Germany, invited lecture on “Situierte Autonomie: Zur Subversion des Subjekts der Geschichte,” at the international conference on “Subjektivierte Geschichte—Historisierte Subjektivität: Zur Verfügbarkeit und Unverfügbarkeit der Geschichte,” Novemer 2002

Philosophy & Social Science Meeting: “Constructing a Cosmopolitan Public Sphere,” , Prague, May 16, 2003

Czech Academy of the Sciences (Philosophy, Sociology)”The Power of Dialogue and Social Theory,” Prague, July 3, 2003

Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference: “Consciousness and the Implicit Normativity of Meaning,” Prague, July 7, 2003.

XXI World Congress of Philosophy, “Constructing a Cosmopolitan Public Sphere, Istanbul, Turkey, August 11.

XXI. World Congress of Philosophy: “Dialogical Ethics After Postmodernism,” Istanbul, Turkey , August 12.

“Kritische Theorie als ‘Hermeneutik der Gegenwart,’” invited lecture at the Symposium “Kritische Theorie Heute,” 27.-28. May 2004, Universität Klagenfurt (a conference triggered by my Guest Professorship during the summer 2004 in Klagenfurt, Austria).

”Normalität in Moderne und Postmoderne: Gefahren und Quellen offener Identitätskonstruktion,” invited lecture in the lecture series on ‘Normalität, Normativität, Normalisierung,” organized by the Institute for Art and Science, Bergerstrasse, Vienna, throughout several semesters (with generally four public lectures per semester, one a month), June 2004.

“The Promise of Dialogue: Rorty, Gadamer, and Beyond,” invited commentary on Prof. Lauren Barthold (Siena College): “ How Hermeneutical is He? A Gadamerian Analysis of Richard Rorty,” Symposium Paper, APA Eastern Divison Meeting, Boston, Dec. 30, 2004.

“Habermas and Biology: On the Natural Grounds of Linguistic Rationality,” invited commentary on Prof. Lenny Moss (University of Notre Dame): “Human Nature, Habermas, and the Anthropological Framework of Critical Theory,” colloquium paper, APA Pacific Division Meeting, San Francisco, March 24, 2005.

“Homo Hermeneuticus: The Location of Language in Human Agency,” invited lecture at the conference Philosophical Anthropology: Reviewed and Renewed, May 6-9, 2005, University of Notre Dame.

“Beyond Dogma and Doxa: The Unavoidable Truth in Dialogue,” invited lecture at the ‘European Conference on Dialogue,’ organized by the European Society for Universal Dialogue, University of Warsaw, Poland, July 26-31, 2005.

“ Wittgenstein and the Hermeneutics of Social Agency,” invited lecture at the Philosophy Colloquium, Department of Philosophy, University of Central Florida, October 2005.

“The Immanent Transcendence of Linguistic Reason,” invited commentary on Kirk Besmer’s “Re-Writing the Transcendental Moment: Merleau-Ponty on Novel Expression and Rationality.“ invited APA Colloquim paper, Dec. 30, 2005, APA Eastern Convention Meeting, New York.

“Roots of Recognition: Critical Theory and the Politics of Identity,” invited lecture as part of the spring semester lecture series “Current Perspectives in Critical Theory,” co-hosted by the Department of Political Science and the Center for European Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville, March 9, 2006

„Wittgenstein und das Ethos der Hermeneutik,” invited colloquium paper, Dept. Of Philosophy, University of Klagenfurt, Austria, June 2006.

“Roots of Recognition: Cultural Identity and the Ethos of Hermeneutic Dialogue.” invited lecture at the International Wittgenstein Symposium, theme: Cultures: Conflict/Analysis/Dialogue, Kirchberg near Vienna, Austria, 6-12. August 2006.

“The Unavoidable Dialogue: Empathy and Inter-Ethnic Conflict Resolution” Symposium on Conflict Transformation, University of North Florida, November 2007.

“Social Constructivism and Theories of the Self,” invited lecture for the Konstruktivismus-Tagung, Vienna, November 2007.

“Foucault und die kritische Theorie des Subjekts,“ invited talk at the Evangelische Fachhochschule, Darmstadt, summer 2008.