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Due to a variety of factors, including climate change and a national development project, paddy farmers in the dry zone of Sri Lanka are expected to face an increased incidence of water scarcity in the future. As such, they must adapt their agricultural practices to deal with less water or abandon paddy farming altogether to find alternate livelihoods. UNF faculty and students are working with Vanderbilt University researchers in a multidisciplinary effort to better understand the environmental, institutional, social, and individual factors that influence farmers’ adaptive capacity. The Agricultural Decision-making and Adaptation to Precipitation Trends-Sri Lanka (ADAPT-SL) project is an NSF-funded, five year project to examine agricultural adaptation among farmers in the Mahaweli River Watershed, Sri Lanka.

The UNF Psychological Study of Agricultural Adaptation in Sri Lanka group plays a key role in the ADAPT-SL project. We are coordinating a multi-wave survey of farmers in the Mahaweli River Watershed. The survey focuses on gathering demographic and socio-psychological information expected to influence the ability of farmers to adapt to changing climatic conditions, particularly increased incidence of water scarcity. We plan to launch a pilot survey in November 2013.