z2 conj(w)- w conj(z)

This is the Milnor fibration for the real analytic map f(x, y, z, w) = (-xz - yw + x2z - y2z + 2xyw, -wx - wx2 + wy2 + yz +2xyz).  This is the easiest example of a Twisted Pham-Brieskorn singularity.  Actually, it is not quite a Twisted Pham-Brieskorn singularity, because the power of w in the complex form of the equation should be two or greater.  But honestly, this is pretty complicated as is.

Something went wrong in the rendering.  It looks like the brighter points ended up out of  the color range, and so they were replaced with black.  I need to fix this.  Still, you can get an idea of what the fibration looks like.


Created by Dan Dreibelbis.  Last modified 3/19/09.