COBOL/CICS Training Program

Software Development Life Cycle Assignment

Assignment #1 - Summer 1999


Provide the employee the opportunity to review Power Point overheads on various aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle

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Directions: You are to answer the questions below using the word processor of your choice. Please answer the questions underneath the questions themselves and print out your answers for me.

Assignment due date: Friday, 20 August, start of class.

  1. Name the generic phases in the SDLC.
  2. Why do you feel that this process model has prevailed through the years - although not in its original form?
  3. What are the major advantages / disadvantages of the SDLC?
  4. What is the major attraction of "rapid prototyping" the front end of the generic SDLC?
  5. Explain how the Spiral Model for software development incorporates key features of the SDLC, the prototyping model, and risk analysis?
  6. Explain what "incremental development" means to you.
  7. Cite other "models" that may be used (a non-exhaustive list) to provide a structure / process for software development.

    Have Fun!