Anirban Ghosh

Assistant Professor
School of Computing
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Office address

School of Computing
Mathews Building (15)
Room 3228
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224, USA


(904) 620-1302


My current research is supported by the NSF grant CCF-1947887.

If you are interested in pursuing one/two semester-long Independent Study (Graduate/Undergraduate), feel free to email me. You will have the opportunity to choose your Independent Study topic(s) from a wide variety of topics in theory and practice of algorithms.

I am looking for Masters students who will be interested in doing thesis work in theory and practice of geometric problems in Computer Science. The target algorithms and data structures will be implemented using the famous CGAL library for C++. Research assistantships maybe available. If you are interested, please contact me by sending an email with your CV attached.

Research/Independent Study Students

Summer 2018:

Samuel Schwartz

(UG), published in COCOA 2018
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019:

Ronald Shevchenko

(UG), published in SEA 2019
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019:

Brian Hicks

(UG), published in SEA 2019 with Ronald Shevchenko
Spring 2019:

Eric Netland

(UG), Independent Study in Theory and Practice of Computational Geometry
Summer 2019:

Lawrence Beutlich

(UG), Independent Study in Geometric Spanners
Fall 2019 - Spring 2020:

Brett Stennett

(UG) and

Tuffa Said

(G), Research assistants
Spring 2020:

Matthew Graham

(G), Research assistant;

Rachel Friederich

(UG), Research assistant;

Noe Ramirez

(UG), Independent Study in Competitive Programming;

Afnan Sultan

(UG), Indpendent Study in Competitive Programming

Fall 2011 - Spring 2016

PhD, Computer Science

Advisor: Adrian Dumitrescu

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA

Fall 2009 - Spring 2011

Master of Technology, Computer Science

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Previous position
Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Non-tenure track Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Mathematics

University of Central Misssouri, MO, USA

Fall 2017

COP 3404: Introduction to Systems Software
CEN 6070: Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Spring 2018

COP 2551: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
COP 3538: Data Structures Using OOP

Fall 2018

CIS 4930/5930: Geometric Algorithms and Data Structures
COP 3538: Data Structures Using OOP

Spring 2019

COP 3538: Data Structures Using OOP
COP 2551: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
CEN 6070: Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Fall 2019

COT 3100: Computational Structures
COT 4400: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 2020

CDA 3100: Computer Architecture and Organization

Summer 2020

COP 3530: Data Structures

Fall 2020

COT 3100: Computational Structures

Research Interests

Computational Geometry, Experimental Algorithmics, Multi-agent systems and robotics, Parallel Computing, Online Algorithms