Lane Lab Team


Current Team:

Jisun Ban:  Undergraduate student researcher, 2015-present

Jordan Carey:  Undergraduate student researcher, 2015-present

Austin Grovenstein:  Undergraduate student researcher, 2016-present

Jennifer Korchak:  Undergraduate Presidential research scholar, 2015-present

Ryan Lopez:  Undergraduate Presidential research scholar, 2016-present

Thanh Nguyen:  Undergraduate student researcher, 2015-present

Joon Seok Oh:  Undergraduate student researcher, 2015-present

Evgenii Protasov:  Fulbright research fellow, 2016-present

Lane Lab Alumni:

Oluwapamilerin Ajani (2011)

Yang Ban (2011-2016), currently Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering at University of Texas Austin

Dana Bis (2011-2013), currently Ph.D. student in Biomedical Science at University of Miami

Christine Budd (2012-2014), currently D.O. student at Lake Eerie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Rodolfo Calderon (Summer 2014 NSF REU fellow), currently B.S. Biology student at University of Maryland

Aria Deluna (Summer 2016 NSF REU fellow)

Matthew Dickman (2011-2012), currently Ph.D. student in Chemistry at Florida State University

Katelyn Fredrickson (2012), currently Ph.D. student in Chemistry at Florida State University

Jane Han (2011-2013), received D.M.D. from University of Pennsylvania

Tyler Hendricks  (2011), received M.D. and currently medical resident

Robert Hughes (2015), currently B.S. student in Biology at University of Central Florida

Elle James (2011-2015), currently research scientist in Mayo Clinic Neuroscience Department

Walter Johnson (Summer 2013), currently scientist at Physician’s Choice Lab Services

Anna Klompen (Summer 2015 NSF REU fellow), currently undergraduate at College of William and Mary

Paige Mandelare (2012-2015), currently Ph.D. student in Chemistry at Oregon State University

Neil Meyer (2011), currently scientist at Vistakon (Johnson & Johnson)

Taylor Lundy (2013-2015), currently Ph.D. student in Pharmacy Program at University of Kentucky

Stephen Naso (2011-2012)

Prachee Patel (2014-2015)

Vishal Patel (2011-2012), currently Pharm.D. student at University of Georgia

Luis Perez (2011-2013)

Morgan Urdaneta (2013-2015), currently Special Project Associate in Mayo Clinic Cancer Biology Department; entering Ph.D. program in Neuroscience at University of Florida

Thomas Vickers (2012-2013)

Dr. Amy Lane is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at University of North Florida.  She teaches biological and organic chemistry and conducts research in the field of marine natural products. Dr. Lane holds a courtesy appointment in the UNF Department of Biology and a Research Collaborator appointment at Mayo Clinic.  She leads a research team of primarily undergraduate students on studies aimed at understanding how marine organisms utilize genes and enzymes to produce small molecules (natural products).  Her group applies knowledge gained from these studies to probe the ecological functions of natural products and their potential practical applications in medicine and other endeavors.  Her research program at UNF has been supported by Research Corporation, the American Society of Pharmacognosy, Florida Institute of Oceanography, the UNF Transformational Learning Opportunity Program, and others.  Before joining the UNF faculty, Dr. Lane was an NIH IRACDA postdoctoral fellow (2008-2010) in Dr. Bradley S. Moore’s group in the Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she was an NSF IGERT Fellow and Presidential Fellow in the research group of Dr. Julia Kubanek from 2003-2008.

Amy L. Lane, Ph.D.