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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Student Advisory Committee

Volunteering with the Women’s Center is a great way to get involved on campus. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to suit your interests and schedule, and it’s easy to get started! Just stop by the Women's Center during office hours and fill out a quick application. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to answer any questions you might have and schedule you for volunteer orientation.

General Volunteer Duties include: 

  • Marketing and Road Signs
  • Tabling and Campus Outreach
  • Documenting and maintaining Women's Center History
  • Event Assistance
  • Office Upkeep Management

Other specialized opportunities include:

Becoming a Victim Advocate

This opportunity requires specialized training that is only offered during the summer term. All students interested in becoming a victim advocate should plan to attend the interest meeting during the summer. 

 Students must first meet specific criteria to be considered eligible for training. Some of the duties and responsibilities associated with becoming a victim advocate include providing support to the full-time victim advocate, answering the 24 hour crisis helpline and being on call weeknights, weekends and holidays. 

Women's Center Student Leadership Council (WCSLC)

Students are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the WCSLC. Members of the council will represent the voices of the university's diverse student population and advise the Women's Center staff on gender issues that are important to students. Duties for the WCSLC include — but are not limited to — serving as a student adviser to the Women’s Center on outreach and event planning, acting as a liaison to the larger student body population and representing the Center to other campus organizations.
The council's purpose is to: 

  • Communicate and promote the mission of the Women's Center
  • Enhance student awareness of gender consciousness
  • Solicit feedback from individuals and student organizations on gender issues that are important to them
  • Establish relationships and partnerships with student organizations to advocate for social justice


Unpaid internship opportunities are also available at the Women’s Center. Volunteering as an unpaid intern is a great way to build your resume and acquire marketable skills for post-graduation opportunities. Contact our office at (904) 620 - 2528 or e-mail at If you have been directed to the Women's Center for an academic internship to earn course credit, contact our office to schedule a meeting to discuss your internship requirements.