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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Women's Center


Champions for women.

The Women's Center has been a vital hub of learning and advocacy at the University of North Florida for 25 years. All are invited to share in this legacy and make your own mark by taking advantage of the numerous experiences the Center has to offer.


The Women's Center advocates for the political, social and economic gains of all people by eradicating gender-based inequalities in a supportive atmosphere that encourages and facilitates the evolution and development of personal and academic potentials.


The Women's Center promotes the growth, productivity and well-being of women in the University community. Although women have made significant gains in society, gender inequalities still exist. The Women's Center is committed to advocating for gender equality and improving the status of women.

We recognize that gender inequalities are deeply connected to other areas of disenfranchisement and oppression in our society. Therefore, our programs and services strive to value and promote respect for all differences. This means that women and men and people of all races, cultures and sexual orientations are welcome in the Women's Center.


To engage and lead all in the celebration and advancement of women.

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