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Group of students pointing and smiling at the camera with text Join UNF's Swoop Squad

Become a Swooper!

Do you find yourself swooping anytime, anywhere? Do you want to share your Osprey pride with those around you? We want YOU to apply to Swoop Squad! 


Did you know that tour guides are one of the most influential aspects of a student's decision to attend a university? That's why we invest in our swoopers! Once hired, you'll complete a paid semester-long training to become the best of the best!


The Welcome Center offers 20+ tours a week ranging from general, virtual, large groups, VIPs, event tours and more. Year-round, rain or shine, it is the pleasure of the Swoop Squad to show prospective students and their families how the University of North Florida will help them as they pursue their future career aspiration! 


From the clubhouse to the classrooms, the Student Wellness Complex and everywhere in between, you would have the opportunity to share what life is like at UNF - all while walking backwards! Being a member of the Swoop Squad also allows you to grow professionally and can add skills like public speaking, networking, leadership and more to your resume for when you graduate. 


If you are up to the challenge of being a Student With Outstanding Osprey Pride (SWOOP!), we encourage you to apply today!


We are currently not accepting applications at this time. Check back later for more details!



Headshot of Swoop Squad member Tyler smiling in a blue polo


"I like the Swoop Squad because we are like a big family. You will meet some incredible people and build life long friendships."



"Being able to express to groups of people what I love about UNF also allows me to grow as a person with each group that comes through our doors."


Headshot of Sakura, swoop squad member, smiling at camera with unf polo



Headshot of Swooper Christine smiling at the camera

"Campus tours play an important role, and sometimes are the deciding factor, when it comes to choosing a University. It is my absolute pleasure and one of my favorite parts of the job to help Future Ospreys find a college that makes them feel at home and a name - not just a number."


headshot of aldair, swoop squad member, smiling at camera with unf polo and black framed glasses


"It has also taught me how to act in a professional environment surrounded by amazing coworkers and leaders/bosses. As someone who has anxiety, I found my first home at swoop squad."



"I fell in love with UNF and thought what better way to share that love than by becoming a part of Swoop Squad! Little did I know the family I would make, the skills I would learn, and all the connections I would make when becoming a part of this team! #Swoop"


Headshot of Swooper Rachel smiling at the camera


Headshot of swooper Aleyna smiling at the camera


"I love being able to share all the great resources that students are able to use all over our campus and how these resources truly show how much UNF cares about their Ospreys!"


swoop squad member joanna smiling at camera wearing unf blue polo


"Swoop squad not only gave me my first income but also my first little family at college, not only with fledges but having bosses who care about you shows just how unique UNF is, especially the support."



"I love Swoop Squad because it allows me to be my bubbly outgoing self. The guests are always a joy to be around and I love showing off UNF's beautiful campus that I fell in love with! SWOOP!!"


swoop squad member emma wearing unf blue polo and smiling


swoop squad member andrew wearing unf blue polo, smiling at camera with a beard

"That our Welcome Center gives out goldfish!"


headshot of swoop squad member Faith smiling at the camera


"I love UNF and it's been great to know I was the reason some students chose to come here. It has also made me more comfortable speaking in front of people."



"The Swoop Squad helped me find a group of coworkers that became good friends. I wanted to become a tour guide to show my growing love towards my school."


Headshot of Swooper William smiling at the camera with greenery around



swoop squad member courtney with unf blue polo and smiling at camera

"Living up to the title of a “Swooper” has improved my communication and leadership skills and given me the opportunity to gain from the knowledge of others and share my own."