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Group of tour guides smiling and pointing at the camera

How to join the Swoop Squad, UNF's tour guides

Do you bleed blue and gray? Are you on a first name basis with Ozzie? How about Coach Driscoll? (Not everyone gets to call him Coach, you know.) Can you swoop anytime, anywhere? Are you a Student With Outstanding Osprey Pride? Do you want to share that blue-and-gray spirit with prospective and incoming students and their families? Are you up to the challenge? Then we want you to apply to be a Swoop Squad member.   


The Swoop Squad, established in 2005, is comprised of UNF’s best and brightest students from all six colleges and almost every major (at least throughout its existence). We have had scholar-athletes, student government leaders, members of our award-winning student media, some from Osprey Productions and students who represent Housing and Residence Life. All that we are missing is YOU. We know that you will bring a great deal to the organization with your experiences in and out of the classroom, your unique perspective about hands-on learning, small class sizes and individualized attention — in other words, the hallmarks of a UNF education. Plus, we know you will be able to talk about your study abroad experiences, how much fun you have at athletic events, what you get up on the weekends on campus and just how much fun it is to be a part of the Osprey family. 


Many apply, few are chosen, but the rewards are plenty. You get to meet members of next year’s class and show them around our beautiful campus while highlighting our academic programs, support services, housing and dining facilities and even pointing out some of our campus traditions. And as an added bonus, you get to do it in all kinds of weather — rain, shine, a million degrees and four thousand percent humidity — all while smiling and walking backward. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course it does! Where else are you going to be able to brag about your school, your professors, your friends and your alumni? Nowhere. You get to be an ambassador — and perhaps the only one these students and their parents get to meet — for UNF and help these students make the decision of a lifetime. We know that if a student takes one of our Swoop Squad-led tours, they are more than 73 percent more likely to apply and then matriculate. That is all on you! Look at what a huge difference you can make for UNF! You will leave an incredible legacy by doing work that matters every day. 


Prospective students want to hear from real students about what life is like at the University of North Florida. We know that. That is why your role as a Swoop Squad member is so vital to UNF. You will receive several weeks of training so you will be prepared to showcase our outstanding University and answer any — and we do mean ANY — question asked. You will also take a few public speaking classes, a traditions class and one on etiquette. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable before you head out on your first tour and conversation. Plus, you get really cool shirts. Did we mention that?


If you love UNF as much as we do, apply. We will give your application serious consideration. We don’t accept everyone because not everyone is right for the job. So really put your all into if you want to be a member of the Swoop Squad. It is an honor to be chosen. This is an organization often celebrated by the President and his cabinet for the outstanding work they do behalf of the University. By applying and becoming a member, you ABSOLUTELY will shape the future of UNF. How cool is that?



Apply to become a Swoop Squad member.   Summer 2019 Application closes Friday, April 19, 2019.