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Meet with Peace of Mind

Please click the link below for the University of North Florida's latest updates regarding Covid-19.

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Wear a mask in all indoor and outdoor areas on campus.  Exceptions include anyone eating or drinking, and anyone under 2 years of age.
  • Do your part. Stay apart. Maintain 6' social distancing.
  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer located throughout facility.
  • Screen yourself daily and stay home if you're sick.

Contact-less Menu

Please email us at to request a menu.

Committed to Clean

The following are disinfected throughout the day using VIREX-II hospital grade disinfectants:

  • Tables - in classrooms if recently used
  • Chairs - fabric and back of chairs
  • Door handles / crash-bars
  • Elevator buttons - inside and outside
  • Light switches
  • Trash receptacles
  • Counter tops / Reception desk
  • Handles and handrails
  • Desks
  • Desk / house phones / keyboards
  • Water Fountains and Hydration Stations
  • Toilets / Faucets / Sinks
  • Container lids for disposal of women's sanitary product
  • Soap dispenser handles
  • Cabinet handles
  • Microphones / lavaliere mics / remote / etc.
  • ATM / vending machines


Best Practices, Guidelines and Suggestions for Vendors and Exhibitors

  • No more than one person from your organization will be allowed at the booth in order to ensure proper social distancing during the show
  • Setup an open booth design in a way to reduce lines and congregation of visitors to the booth
  • Create open entry and exit points within the booth to allow for proper social distancing
  • Clean materials, machines, displays, and high touch surfaces multiple times throughout the show
  • Limit the number of “giveaways” to display items only. Provide guests with an item if requested
  • Provide hand sanitizer at your booth
  • Required use of face masks
  • Limit the number of visitors in booth
  • Limit physical contact with visitors in booth
  • Consider electronic materials, QR Codes, or other ways to disseminate information
  • Encourage visitors to only touch items for sale that they intend to purchase
  • No tradeshow will be allowed in hallways, including the Main Lobby
  • Food samples should be prepackaged or individually wrapped

Covid-19 Tips for Event Planners


Event Logistics

  • Require registration in effort to maintain maximum capacities 
  • Employ a contact-less check-in/registration system
  • Develop time blocks for attendees to maintain maximum capacities at any given time during your event while still maximizing overall attendance potential
  • Assign seating and group families who reside in the same household together
  • Stagger breaks and meal time to avoid large gatherings in smaller areas
  • Allow for multiple entrance and exit points for attendees to move freely throughout your event
  • Discourage waiting areas
  • Eliminate lines & queues – when necessary, use visual clues/markers to distance attendees in line
  • Offer online attendance to reduce number of in-person attendees and allow high-risk attendees to participate
  • Indicate one way traffic flow or clearly mark and separate bi-directional flow
  • Consider limiting in-person attendance to only local residents to discourage travel


  • Communicate all health and safety requirements (masks, self-screening, social distancing, etc.) prior to event and requirement to complete the Self Screening Form prior to arrival 
  • Utilize signage to communicate protocols, encourage safe practices, and mark spacing suggestions. Review University Center’s COVID19 Information 
  • Make regular announcements during event via microphones and/or PA system to provide directions and remind guests of safety protocols
  • Encourage COVID-19 prevention behaviors with messaging on website, registration, email, social media, newsletters etc.

Health & Sanitation 


  • Disinfect high touch areas such as registration, vendor booths, pens, etc. often during your event 
  • Limit sharing of supplies between staff/volunteers and disinfect between uses
  • Bring adequate supplies for disinfecting during your event
  • Train staff/volunteers on health & safety protocols
  • Conduct health checks, such as temperature screening, on staff/volunteers and event attendees
  • Develop a plan for if a participant is displaying symptoms – follow recommended CDC guidelines and local & state protocols


Hand Sanitizer Stations

Strategically located along walkways, high traffic areas.

Self Screening

Click the link below to access the Self-Screening Form:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the event we need to cancel or reschedule our event, due to COVID 19 concerns, what is the cancellation policy?  Events, and their associated deposits, through March 2021 can be rescheduled or refunded with no penalty.  Cancellations beyond March 2021 will fall in line with the cancellation polices in the contract for the time being. This may be re-evaluated later.
  • What is the deadline to let you know whether we need to cancel or postpone our event? We ask that clients inform us of their intent to cancel a scheduled event in 2020 as soon as possible but no later than 10 business prior to the scheduled event. This will allow us to cancel services and adjust scheduling of staff members.  
  • If we do schedule events- what is your food and beverage policy?  A new Contact-less catering menu is available through your event coordinator.  
  • If we do schedule events- what are your current rules and regulations for these type of events (for example- only 50 attendees at a time, social distancing, mandatory masks, etc.)?  Social distancing and face coverings are required.  Total attendees at an event will be determined by new room capacities that are published on our website or available through your coordinator. 
  • What are the limits on capacities? Please refer to new capacities on the website or contact your event coordinator for socially distanced room capacities. 
  • If they need a bigger room because of social distancing, what is our pricing? Do we charge regular rates or offer discounts? Events through the end of 2020 which require a larger room to fit social distanced requirements will be charged the original rate of the smaller room.