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 Support Services Committee
Annual Report
Submitted By Dr. Brian Kopp, Secretary 
on behalf of Dr. Luke Cornelius, Chair

The Support Services Committee (SSC) shall act as a liaison or conduit between the UNF faculty and those departments that offer support to them; review and make needed recommendations regarding the practices and regulations concerning campus support services; disseminate information concerning support services; seek regular input from leaders in Auxiliary Services (e.g., parking, bookstore, ID cards, food services); Center for Instruction, Research & Technology; Library; Academic Center for Excellence; Human Resources (benefits); Physical Facilities; and other support departments.

The Support Services Committee did not have any action items during the 2015-2016 academic year.

August 2015 – The committee welcomed new members (James Hall, Maria Atilano, and Brian Kopp). Luke Cornelius was elected Chair for the 2015-2016 year. Brian Kopp was elected secretary. Luke Cornelius agreed to schedule the first two speakers. Our meeting schedule of the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm in the Library was agreed upon.

September 2015 – The committee welcomed Alison Cruess, Assistant Director of Training and Communications in the Division of Administration & Finance. Ms. Cruess gave a talk on the Osprey Eyes Program. In this program trained UNF students monitor the customer service experience at various participating campus entities. 

October 2015 – The committee welcomed Kaitlin Legg, Assistant Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center. Ms. Legg made a presentation on the LGBT resource center and the current issues facing the LGBT community. 

November 2015 – The committee welcomed Cathy Hagan from the UNF office of the Florida Small Business Development Center (FSBDC). Ms. Hagan discussed the services the FSBDC offers to the business community to help them grow and succeed. The FSBDC serves 18 counties in the northeast region of the state. The FSBDC is the only university affiliated regional resource for small businesses and it has been operating at UNF since 1976.

December 2015 – No meeting was held.

January 2016 – The committee began meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month at 11AM. The committee welcomed Dean Elizabeth Curry of the UNF Thomas G. Carpenter Library who gave a presentation on the library and its programs and recent improvements.

February 2016 – The committee welcomed Ruth Lopez, Director of the UNF International Center, who discussed her organization’s programs. The Center works with international students from over 60 countries to ensure their immigration documentation (F1 Visas, I-20s, etc.) is in order so they can attend UNF. The Center also actively recruits international students to come to UNF. There are approximately 35 faculty led programs to permit students to study abroad that are also handled by the Center.

March 2016 – The committee welcomed Sherif Elfayoumy from the School of Computing who gave a presentation to the committee on Big Data: what it is, and why it is important.

April 2016 – The committee welcomed Josh Merchant, Vice President for University Development and Alumni Engagement and Executive Director of the UNF Foundation, Inc., who discussed the UNF Foundation which fundraises for and manages donations that are made to UNF. The committee also invited newly elected members to attend this session and elected Brian Kopp as 2016-2017 chair and Maria Atilano as 2016-2017 secretary.

No meetings were scheduled for May, June or July 2016.

Respectfully submitted by Brian Kopp, Secretary.