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Support Services Committee
Annual Report
Submitted By Dr. Robert Schupp, Chair


The Support Services Committee (SSC) shall act as a liaison or conduit between the UNF faculty and those departments that offer support to them; review and make needed recommendations regarding the practices and regulations concerning campus support services; disseminate information concerning support services; seek regular input from leaders in Auxiliary Services (e.g., parking, bookstore, ID cards, food services); Center for Instruction, Research & Technology; Library; Academic Center for Excellence; Human Resources (benefits); Physical Facilities; and other support departments.


September 2, 2014

The first meeting was an organizational meeting in which the new members were introduced to the old members and the charge of the committee.  Robert Schupp was elected chair and Donni Welch-Rawls was elected secretary.  We discussed the possible guests to invite and asked Mr. Schupp to set the schedule.  Numerous topics and guests were discussed.  The embers were invited to attend the Faculty Association meetings and the chair reminded that he had to attend.


October 6, 2014

Dr. Joshua Merchant, Vice president of Development and Alumni Affairs was our initial guest.  Hosh described his background, his assessment of the status of development activities at UNF, and his goals. He discussed the culture of philanthropy, planned giving programs, and a focus on alumni. He described capital campaigns, Foundation grants, and his coordination with the fund raisers in the academic units, athletics, MOCA and the library. His office is filling existing positions. He plans collaboration with faculty, and is happy to attend all-College meetings, the faculty association, etc.


November 3, 2014

Dr. Timothy Robinson, Director of the International Center and Ruth Lopes, Associate Director joined us for our November meeting. Both the 2013-2014 Annual Report and a one page flyer entitled “Welcome to the International Center” describing the functions of the International Center were distributed. Tim further delineated the functions, which can be broken down into study abroad, international students, English language programs, and any other activities involving international topics or programming. In addition, he and Ruth covered many other activities of the International Center, including those for students, faculty, and visitors. UNF had 544 Study Abroad students in 2013-2014, which is a high number as compared to other SUS schools. Tim and Ruth also answered questions from the group.


December 1, 2014

Mr. Vince Smyth, Assistant Vice president for Administration and Finance was our invited guest.  Mr. Smyth gave the committee an overview of the numerous functions and units that report to him. First, the Bookstore, which is run by third party Follett: There was a discussion on textbook affordability and the state law on advance adoption of texts.  Next, he described the convenience copiers, with about 250 in the fleet.  Then, he gave information on the food service program, with 16 venues, run by Chartwells, and the increase in retail sales on campus led by Chick-fil-A and the new Pita Pit in the Clubhouse. Mr. Smyth also has responsibility for the ticket box office, the Fine Arts Center, retail outlets including UPS, CPR, ATMs, and the credit union, as well as the keys/ID card function and vending services. Parking is another area of responsibility, and he gave the committee information on the new garage close to student housing and the change in faculty/staff and premium spaces, as well as the change in daily parking fees. The shuttle system has undergone a change, with new buses and outside company managing daily operations. UNF took over the Golf Complex in 2013 and there are development plans. Postal Services are another unit reporting to Mr. Smyth, and is outsourced to Ricoh. Finally, he discussed IPTM, the Institute of Police Technology and Management, which has functioned since 1984, and provides training both on-site and off-site. Mr. Smyth volunteered to answer questions from the group.


January 22, 2015

This was an organizational meeting for the spring semester. Ideas for future presentations were discussed, including potential requests to the General Counsel office, the LGBT Center, and the Library. Luke Cornelius will consult with the General Counsel office to determine availability.


February 26, 2015

Mr. Marc Snow of the General Counsel’s Office was our guest for this meeting.  Mr. Snow presented an overview of the General Counsel office, which deals with many areas including contracts, licensing agreements for software, and working in conjunction with I.T. He described the practice areas of 3 of the attorneys. Mr. Snow concentrates on  labor and employment issues, working with HR and Academic Affairs; ethics issues as the Chief Ethics Officer, including “conflict of commitment” as outside activity reporting is very important; Student Affairs, as he is the primary attorney; training, particularly Title 9 upcoming training and Search Committee member training; FERPA issues; free speech issues, such as occasions in which the manner of speech on our public campus needs to be controlled; and bargaining. Mr. Snow advised that faculty review policies on the President and BOD websites, and also informed the committee that club advisors have CSA (Campus Security Authority) and will have training soon. He also described the Student Ombudsman and the SOS (Supporting Our Students) group. He gave the committee members information about release forms and acknowledgement forms, both on the website, and indicated that if a field trip for students is required, the instructor should have students complete the acknowledgement form rather than the release form.


March 26, 2014

We failed to reach a quorum and Robert Schupp canceled the meeting.


April and May 2015

No meetings were scheduled.


Respectfully submitted: Robert Schupp