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Annual Report
Submitted by Dr. Paul Eason, Chairperson

For 2016-2017, the members were Paul Eason (Chair), Erin Bennett, Betsy Nies, Carol Spector, Kristi Sweeney, Jeffrey Harrison, Lauren Newton, and Julie Merten.

The committee remained engaged in the current strategic planning effort for the past year. As a carryover from the previous year, Paul Eason remained the “representative” to the Strategic Planning Council for the university. In this role, he relayed the events from the larger council activities to the SPA committee. 


There is no standing charge for this committee, and in previous years the committee assigned itself a charge related to some aspect of the strategic plan. Since the process of creating a new strategic plan was underway, it was suggested that the committee could provide feedback from the faculty to the strategic planning council by holding a forum for faculty input. Several meetings were held in the fall to organize the nature and style of forum that would be most effective. The forum was planned for the spring semester, to coincide the public release of a more complete final draft of the plan.

Following the release of the draft in April 2017, a forum was conducted by the committee, with some support from Tom Serwatka (food and beverage). Attendance was sufficient to provide much needed feedback from the faculty on the goal of the strategic plan the most concerns faculty. The comments and suggestions of the faculty were incorporated at the next meeting of the SP writing group by Paul Eason. The forum itself was the final activity of the spring, and the end of the semester prevented scheduling of an additional meeting to elect a chair for the coming year.

No chair was elected for the coming year, as activities carried over to the summer. An election for chair will be on the agenda for the first meeting for the fall semester.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul Eason, Ph.D., P.E., Committee Chair