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Minutes of Meeting

Research Council Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Location: Biology Building, Building 59, Room 1001

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called by chair, Judy Ochrietor, to order at 3:01 PM.

Members Present:

Judith Ochrietor, COAS (Biology) Kathleen Bloom, At-Large (Nursing) Thomas Caswell (Library) Christopher (Brian) Flynn, CCB (Management) Jose Franco, At-Large (Mathematics & Statistics) Jason Haraldsen, COAs (Physics) Lauri Wright, BCH (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Members Absent:

Denise Bossy, COAS (History) William Dally, CCEC (Engineering) Mina Baliamoune, CCB (Economics & Geography) Kristi Sweeney, COEHS (Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management) David Hoppey, COEHS (Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education) Tammy Johnson, BCH (Public Health) Lori Lange, COAS (Psychology) Holly Miller, COAS (Criminology and Criminal Justice) John Nuszkowski, CCEC (Engineering)

Others Attending:

John Kantner, Associate Vice President for ORSP (Non-Vote) - Absent

Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of the Minutes

    August meeting minutes will be voted online due to lack of quorum.
  • Introductory Remarks/Old Business

    Welcome and Introductions
  • New Business

    • Faculty Scholarship grant rubric was reviewed
    • It was agreed that feedback will be given to Faculty Scholarship grant applicants. The feedback will consist of the average score from each category
    • Faculty Scholarship grant eligibility when rank changes was discussed. The committee will vote on whether rank at time received the grant determines when eligible to apply for next grant.
  • Next Meeting

    Meeting adjourned at 11:31 PM.
    Next meeting:
    • Wednesday, 10/25/2017@3:00 pm