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Minutes of Meeting

Research Council Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Location: Biology Building, Building 59, Room 1001

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called by chair, Judy Ochrietor, to order at 3:01 PM.

Members Present:

Judith Ochrietor, COAS (Biology) Denise Bossy, COAS (History) Thomas Caswell (Library) William Dally, CCEC (Civil Engineering) Christopher (Brian) Flynn, CCB Jose Franco, At-Large (Mathematics) Jason Haraldsen, COAS (Physics) David Hoppey, COEHS (Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education) Tammy Johnson, BCH (Public Health) Lori Lange, COAS (Psychology)

Members Absent:

Kathleen Bloom, At-large (Nursing) Mina Baliamoune, CCB (Economics & Geography) Kristi Sweeney, COEHS (Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management) Lauri Wright, BCH (Nutrition & Dietetics) John Nuszkowski, CCEC (Mechanical Engineering)

Others Attending:

John Kantner, Associate Vice President for ORSP (Non-Vote)

Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of the Minutes

    April meeting minutes approved online
  • Introductory Remarks/Old Business

    Welcome and Introductions.
  • New Business

    1. The Research Council provided input to David Fenner, Faculty Affairs, regarding the UNF identity statement on research/scholarship at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year. Judy Ochrietor received a response from David Fenner that didn’t fully address the concerns. The document will go forward to the Faculty Association on September 7, 2017.
      1. The Research Council provided input but did not endorse the document
      2. The Research Council does not reject the document.
    2. John Kantner reviewed the responsibilities of the Research Council: 1) Review Faculty Scholarship grants; 2) Advise Administration on direction of research, problems in research, and policies related to research.
    3. Fixed Price Award Policy was discussed. Policy provides incentives for a positive residual balance and disincentive for under expenditures. Some clarifications in wording were made.
      1. The Research Council voted unanimously to support the policy as amended.
  • Next Meeting

    Meeting adjourned at 3:55 PM.
    Next meeting:
    • Wednesday, 9/27/2017@11:00 am
    • Faculty Scholarship grant rubric will be reviewed