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 Research Council
Annual Report
Submitted By Dr. Aisha M. Johnson-Jones, Chair

The Committee’s primary charge is to evaluate submitted summer scholarship grant proposals and to recommend to Academic Affairs a portion of these proposals for funding.

Two committee members were on sabbatical during the academic year. Two members rotated off the committee. Two members elected to remove themselves from the committee in order to apply to the Faculty Development (Scholarships) Grants. The committee received individual and collaborative applications from 63 faculty, totaling 46 proposals.

The committee reviewed and scored the grant applications. Academic Affairs was given the final scores, ranked from highest to lowest. Academic Affairs funded the top grants as the funding allowed. A total of 18 grant proposals were funded: 11 for COAS, 1 for CCEC, and 2 for COEHS. Also, four interdisciplinary proposals were funded with faculty from BCH, CCB, CCEC, COAS, and COEHS.

During the course of the year, it was determined that the Research Council should become involved in the discussion on the university’s research profile. The Council will collaborate with Faculty Affairs to move the conversation forward.

The Council also
  1. Reviewed and made changes of qualifications for the Development Grants. 12-month faculty may apply without collaborating a tenure-track faculty member.
  2. Discussed inconsistencies in the development grant rubric, evaluation, and application procedures.
  3. Reviewed and made improvements to the Summer Scholarship Grant application and scoring rubric to increase clarity.
  4. Discussed the university’s IRB Policy for clarity with focus on misconduct under the policy and corrective actions. 
  5. Discussed UNF’s research identity involving flexible workloads and the research environment.

Submitted by
Aisha M. Johnson-Jones, Chair
June 20, 2016