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Annual Report 
Submitted by Ms. Courtenay McLeland


The Committee’s primary charge is to evaluate submitted summer scholarship grant proposals and to recommend to the provost a portion of these proposals for funding.  One committee member was on sabbatical during the spring term, but a replacement was appointed.  This was the second year that interdisciplinary applications were accepted.  The committee received individual and collaborative applications from 79 faculty, totaling 124 proposals.  The committee recommended six interdisciplinary proposals.  Recommendations by college were:  19 out of 40 recommended for COAS; 2 of the 4 were recommended from BCH; 1 of the 2 from CCEC were recommended; 0 of 1 were recommended for CCB; and 1 of 2 were recommended for COEHS.  During the course of the year it was determined that the Research Committee should become a larger Research Council which will commence in the fall of 2015, though an initial meeting was held and a chair was elected in late April. 


The Committee also

  1. Reviewed and made improvements to the Summer Scholarship Grant application and scoring rubric to increase clarity.
  2. Reviewed proposal related to the change of the committee to a council.
  3. Reviewed policies and provided feedback related to Animal Care and Use in Teaching and Research; and Uncollectible Costs on Contracts and Grants
  4. Discussed student research funding, article processing fees, supporting undergraduate research across campus, course releases & research, collaboration with off-campus entities, tracking outcomes, research funding as related to our peer aspirants and more.


Submitted by Courtenay McLeland, Chair
May 06, 2015