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Minutes of Meeting

Nominations and Elections Committee Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at AM

Location: Note from chair

Meeting Details

Meeting Minutes

  • From: Kreidl, O Patrick
    Sent: Friday, November 04, 2016 8:11 AM
    To: Nam, Siho <>; Loh, Chung-Ping <>; K Balasubramanian, Chitra Lakshmi <>; Dally, William <>; Maxis, Sophie <>; Hall, Jeremy <>; Truelove, Heather <>
    Cc: Hart, Dana <>; Lai-Chin, Fong Chuen <>
    Subject: FW: Faculty Association Nominations & Elections Ballot


    Hello N&E Committee,

    The nomination period closed at 1pm yesterday. The table below summarizes the extent to which we succeeded in filling the vacancies of our own committee – only the CCEC position remains vacant, so all other units get the gold star! Elections for positions with multiple nominations will take place from Nov 7, 9am to Nov 14, 5pm (and occur via an online ballot sent to all faculty).

    The last item of business for us this Fall term is to schedule an in-person meeting for early spring term, which is when I will officially be relieved as Chair by Dana (the current Vice-Chair) and also when as a committee we kick off the larger job of gathering nominees for next year’s vacant positions on all other FA committees. Please expect a doodle for this purpose from me shortly after the elections results are in.

    Thanks again for all of your efforts,