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Minutes of Meeting

Nominations and Elections Committee Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at AM

Location: Note for January 14th Meeting

Meeting Details

Meeting Minutes


    Happy New Year, everyone. Sorry to not finalize all of this before entering the break.


    So, as is often the case with this many busy folks, no time slot satisfies all doodle responses – the least conflicts appear to be MW 2pm or TR 11am. Let’s lock in 11-12 on Thu Jan 14 – room TBA.


    To those unable to attend, please expect me to follow-up with you again shortly after the scheduled meeting.




    2016 Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee




    From: Kreidl, O Patrick
    Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2015 12:10 AM
    To: Nam, Siho; Truelove, Heather; Loh, Chung-Ping; Dally, William; Maxis, Sophie; Hall, Jeremy; Hart, Dana; K Balasubramanian, Chitra Lakshmi
    Cc: Zhang, Pingying
    Subject: Doodle: Link for poll "Spring 2016 Meetings of the Nominations & Elections Committee"


    Dear N&E Committee Members,


    I hope this message finds all of you wrapping up the Fall term well.


    In preparation for our committee’s Spring 2016 duties, I am writing to solicit input on when during the week of Jan 11-15 would be a best time to hold our first meeting. At your earliest convenience, please use the following doodle link to indicate your availability:


    I’ll confirm the meeting time via outlook as soon as everyone fills out the poll, which would ideally occur before the university closes for winter break.


    Thanks, and Happy Holidays!



    P.S. Below is our committee’s charge and this year’s members.



    Nominations and Elections Committee

    All faculty members of standing committees shall be elected by the Association, and all members of the Association may vote for all standing committee faculty vacancies.  The President of the Association, and the Chief Academic Officer or her/his designee, shall be ex officio non-voting members of all Association standing committees.  Other membership on standing committees shall be:


    The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consist of nine faculty members: two from COAS and one from each of the other colleges and the Library, and two at large.  An at-large member who is in the second year of his/her term shall serve as chairperson of the Committee. 


    All standing committees shall initiate proposals and actions concerning their areas of responsibility whenever they feel that such proposals and actions are needed and appropriate.  All such proposals and actions shall be submitted to the Association for its consideration, with the exceptions noted below.  No standing committee of the Faculty Association shall assume responsibility beyond those designated in the following paragraphs without prior approval from the Executive Committee.  Specific standing committee duties and responsibilities shall include the following:


    The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) shall conduct elections of officers, all Association standing committees, and faculty delegates to other committees; shall adopt and announce procedures for such elections in accordance with these bylaws, shall present an appropriate list of nominees for all vacancies, and shall recommend candidates to fill vacancies which occur outside of the normal election cycle.  (Section 4. H., see

     Nominations & Elections Committee
    (2-year term) 
    (2-year term) (January 2016 –January 2018) 
    [2COAS+4(CCB, CCEC, COEHS, BCH)+ 1Lib + 2At-large]  






    Siho Nam  




    College of Arts & Sciences

    Heather Truelove  




    College of Arts & Sciences  (elected)

    Chung-Ping Loh 

    Economics & Geography 



    Coggin College of Business

    William Dally

    School of Engineering/Civil  



    College of Computing, Engineering, & Construction

    Sophie Maxis

    Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management



    College of Education & Human Services

    K Balasubramanian, Chitra Lakshmi  

    Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences 



    Brooks College of Health

    Jeremy Hall  




    Library (elected)

    Patrick Kreidl

    CCEC - School of Engineering



    At-large (Chair -1/ 2016)

    Dana Hart 
    vice chair


    CCB - Accounting & Finance  



    At-large (Chair (1/2017)