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Annual Report
Submitted by Dr. Pingying Zhang, Chairperson

The Nomination and Election Committee (NEC) has delivered a meaningful contribution to Faculty Associating. The committee members are Patrick Kreidl, Sophie Maxis, Marielle Veve, Siho Nam, Weng, Suzie S, Dally, William, Maxis, Sophie, K Balasubramanian, Chitra Lakshmi and Pingying Zhang.

All members came to the critical committee meetings. The committee members understand well the goal of NEC: promoting faculty members’ interests in serving Faculty Associating Standing Committees and University Committees. We have created templates of recruitment for these two committees. These templates have increased the task efficiency. Together with the individual committee members’ initiation and creativity, NEC has promoted the awareness to serve among faculty members, and assisted the FA executive secretary, Ms. Cindy Chin to identify a sufficient pool of candidates. There was also weakness in our working process that we have noticed and will continue improving in the future.

Dr. Patrick Kreidl will be the incoming chair for the NEC starting from January 2016.