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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 12:15 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by President Radha Pyati at 12:18 p.m. There were approximately 85 faculty in attendance, and there was a quorum.

Meeting Minutes

  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – January 11, 2018 (2 minutes)

    A motion was made to approve the minutes from the December 7, 2017, Faculty Association Meeting.
    The minutes were approved.

    Motion by David Fenner:
    Move the Special Reports before the Standing Committee reports to allow those providing special reporters to return to the Board of Trustees meeting.
    The motion was seconded by Gordon Rakita.
    The motion was approved by majority vote. The agenda was so reordered.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

     Faculty Award Nominations are Open
    The DP, SCH, SER, FCESCH Awards deadline are on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 5 p.m.

    February Faculty Association Meeting
    The February Faculty Association meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 8th to accommodate the Presidential Search process.

    Presidential Search Update
    There will be a video conference call with the search firm on Thursday, January 18th. FA President Pyati will continue to update faculty on the status of the search through email and campus updates.

    Grant and Other award Deadlines
    The application deadline for Technology Grant Applications is Friday, January 26th.
    The deadline for the Senior Service Award nominations is February 9th.
    Student Club Grants application deadline for funding is February 16th.
  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    President John Delaney
    My hope was that the negotiations would move forward. There were some initiatives that the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) wanted to address. I had not realized that because faculty members were on the bargaining team, that the only time they could meet for bargaining would be Fridays. I was willing to meet in addition on weekends and holidays to move the process forward. Initially, I had agreed on pay, and hoped that we could come to agreement on that issue and address the other items later. I am willing to address these issues together if this is what needs to happen.
    Today, we had a meeting with the Board of Trustees. UNF will have a substantial jump in the scoring this year in the State Performance Metrics. This is the largest one-year jump in scores offered by any of the schools in the State University System (SUS) since the metrics were introduced. Associate Vice President Karen Patterson, and Associate Vice President Dan Moon presented to the board about what we have been doing to address the metrics, and the amount and variety of efforts was quite impressive. It is a tremendous step forward. The jump in scores is significant. The score that UNF will achieve this year normally would be the highest score among the SUS. UNF should be among the top three schools in the performance ranking this year. I would like to thank all the faculty for your efforts in addressing these issues. Many of the points we received through the metric system this year was based on improvement, which is not sustainable over time. When we look at the long-term trend, we have seen a steady increase in our graduation rates, about 15% points over 15 years. We are 4th among peer schools across the country in increases in graduation rates. We think this trend will continue. Thank you for what you are doing for UNF.

    Academic Affairs Interim Provost & Vice President – Pam Chally

    Interim Provost Pam Chally was not able to attend the meeting. She asked that questions from the faculty be forwarded to her email.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen

    The legislative session opened on Tuesday, January 9th. Senate President Joe Negron continues the fight in pursuit of his priority to increase funding for the state universities. His priority issues (both funding and policy) are contained in SB 4, which the full chamber passed during the first week of session.


    On the Opening Day of the session, the Senate President Negron recognized three state university students who directly benefitted from his funding priorities during the 2017 session. The student represented UNF, UCF, and UWF. UNF student Ryan Aponte was recognized for his academic achievements and use of his Bright Futures scholarship at the full level and in the summer. This helped Ryan stay on track for graduating in 4 years and without debt.


    Regarding the budget discussions, both the Senate and the House of Representatives have expressed the intention to deliver money for the K-12 education system, but they disagree on how to do it. Other budget needs and priorities include funding to deal with the hurricane damage and the opioid crisis.


    There is discussion in the House to make this a level budget year. Regarding tax cuts, driver’s licenses fees are proposed to go down, and they are considering sales tax holidays. Upcoming revenue estimating conferences that will be important for shaping the available funds for next year’s budget include: Jan 16th Lottery;  January 29th  PECO, and Feb 9th  General Revenue.


    UNF is advocating for funding for two construction projects: the renovation of the second floor of Lassiter Hall (Building 8), and funding to start the Honors Hall/College of Business renovation and expansion (the total cost of this project is $22 million).


    A bill dealing with free speech on campus is moving through the process. Among other things, the bill creates a cause of action against state universities for monetary damages for violations.


    United Faculty of Florida – Rebecca Marcon

    The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) engages in a number of initiatives other than bargaining. The UFF sends a lobbyist to the State of Florida to advocate for the needs of faculty. There are funding proposals for special and additional funding for the State University System (SUS). The UFF is focused on State Performance Funding, where UNF has done poorly in the past, but not this year. A concern to faculty is guns on campus, and the UFF is following 3 bills at the state level currently. UFF is looking at fee waivers for graduate assistants throughout our State University System.


    The UFF also support faculty who have initiated a grievance process, who have had difficulty with the contract being followed. Currently, we have one faculty grievance issue being addressed related to annual evaluations. The UFF worked on this issue through informal channels, and the issue was not resolved; therefore, we have taken the issue through formal channels.


    The UFF is scheduled to bargain on Friday, January 12th, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Library Dean’s (2nd Floor) Conference Room. The UFF was promised by the Administration that their actual proposals would be given tomorrow, January 12th. The UFF have introduced a new article about shared governance. My youngest sister is a high school math teacher in southern California. She does not have much say in her work, but here at the University of North Florida, we have a say in our governance. We have received some push-back from the Board of Trustees Bargaining Team regarding this article. Shared governance is critical. All universities within the SUS include that within their contracts. A shared governance statement is included in the preamble in the contracts of UWF, UCF, FIU, FGC, FAU, and New College. A statement about shared governance is included in articles of academic freedom at USF, FAMU, UF, and UNF. FSU created a separate article related to shared governance, which is what our UFF Bargaining Team used as a model for our proposal on shared governance.


    Hope that as many of you as possible will join us tomorrow for the Bargaining Session. Together, we truly are stronger.   


  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

      Academic Programs Committee – Kim Cheek
    The January APC mtg was cancelled. The next meeting of the committee will be February 1st.

    Academic Standards Committee – Alan Harris
    The committee last met on January 8th. The committee discussed a new proposal for a testing center on campus. The next meeting will be on February 5th

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – David McKinnon
    The committee did not meet since the last Faculty Association meeting. The committee will be meeting twice in February to discuss the candidates for the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Awards.  

    Budget Advisory Committee – Matthew Corrigan for Jason Haraldsen
    The committee meet next on January 26th, when the committee will invite Legislative Liaison Janet Owen. 

    Campus Technology Committee – Georgette Dumont
    The committee last met on December 6th. The call for applications is active for the Academic Technology Grants. Faculty are encouraged to submit their applications for enhancing their teaching and/or scholarship using technology. The committee will support the university in the process of reviewing the Promotion and Tenure software, Interfolio. UNF will survey faculty and administration to determine how the system is functioning. The “January” meeting of the committee was yesterday, Dec 6th. The report on this meeting will be given during the January Faculty Association meeting. The committee Jan 19th

    Faculty Affairs Committee – Gordon Rakita
    The committee last met on December 14th, Director of Planning Marianne Jaffee and Interim Provost Pam Chally to discuss a policy on the selection of textbooks. The committee also discussed a classroom cancelation policy. The committee produced a final draft of a Retired and Emeritus Faculty Rights policy, agreed to a revision of the Faculty Enhancement Committee charge, discussed questions regarding the Outstanding Graduate Teaching award, and made recommendations for the campus unity statement. The next meeting of the committee is January 18th; when the committee will discuss faculty-on-faculty bullying.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Raphael Crowley
    The committee will be scheduling their spring meetings.

    Nominations & Elections Committee – Heather Truelove
    The Nominations and Elections committee will meet on January 12th to discuss vacancies on various faculty committees. The committee will be looking for nominations for these openings on standing and university committees as well as nominations for Faculty Association officers.

    Research Council – Judith Ochrietor
    The committee did not meet in December. The next meeting of the council will be January 22nd. Out of the 50 proposals submitted for the Summer Research Development Grants, 25 were funded.


  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    Q1: Anonymous Question to FA President Radha Pyati:
    This past year, the Coggin College of Business dropped its existing requirement that students submit GMAT or GRE test scores to the MBA program. This direction began after the new Dean’s arrival. Faculty were then asked to vote to keep the lower standards based on the promise of growing enrollments leading to more resources. Test requirements were also dropped from the MAcc program. Are the other Deans going to follow the path taken by the business school? If so, what implications do they foresee for their programs, their colleges, and the university?

    FA President Radha Pyati will work with others to provide an answer to this question.    


    Q2: Anonymous Question to FA President Radha Pyati:
    The UNF Faculty Association recently published a “Scholarship Statement” describing that research was a “necessary and integral component of our academic lives and identities.” However UNF financial statements report that revenues from “Grants and Contracts” have dropped more than 50% in the last 10 years and are now lower than any time since 2002 despite warnings by the Society of Research Administrators in 2012 that support for research at UNF contrasted markedly with UNF’s “sister institutions.” Revenues from grants and contracts at almost all other SUS institutions exceeds UNF’s? What steps are being taken by the administration to reverse UNF’s decline? What plans do the Deans have to support research? What more can the UNF Faculty Association do to insure that research remains an “integral component of our academic lives and identities?”

    FA President Radha Pyati will work with others to provide an answer to this question.    


    Q3: Question from the Floor by Scott Hochwald to FA President Radha Pyati:

    Why would we have a clock in a room if it does not have the right time?  

    FA President Radha Pyati will work with others to provide an answer to this question.


    There is no consent agenda.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

     Agenda Item# 1- FA 18-01: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    University Matriculation Calendar (2019-2020 Academic Year) Draft & Addendum (edited 11/6/2017)

    The University Matriculation Calendar, which has changes relative to previous years. Please note that this calendar has the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a non-instructional day.

    Discussion :

    Georgette Dumont noted that for those faculty and students who have Wednesday night classes, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a non-instructional day, and with reading days being offered the week following Thanksgiving, will make it such that students will have their last instructional day the week before Thanksgiving, then having had no instructional days for two weeks, will return to class to take a final exam.

    Linda Connolly noted that Nursing faculty hold clinical days with students on Wednesdays, and the proposed schedule will cut into the required clinical hours for Nursing students. One option would be to start classes earlier to protect clinical time.

    Scott Hochwald noted that given days missed because of hurricanes, it is frequently the case that faculty lose instructional days because of weather. He recommend the entire week of Thanksgiving be offered as non-instructional days and that the calendar be changed in number of days to reflect this change.

    George Rainbolt noted that having time off for Thanksgiving supports the perspective that UNF is family friendly, that is respects the goal of many families that prefer to spend time together over the Thanksgiving holiday. He felt having the time off was a great idea.

    Marnie Jones noted that she is in favor of the proposal, but she disagrees with the logic that if we provide a Wednesday before Thanksgiving, that students would miss classes on the Tuesday as well.

    Chip Klostemeyer asked when dorms will be opened. If the dorms open on a Wednesday, it might be difficult for parents to take time off from work rather than dropping students off on the weekend.

    Gordon Rakita asked what would happen if we do not approve the calendar at the meeting today. Cindy Chin noted that the University Matriculation Calendar will need approval by the Board of Trustees in March.


    Motion from the Floor by Georgette Dumont :
    Table the item so that the following issues can be addressed in the Executive Committee: 

    1.  Closure of classes on Wednesday before Thanksgiving 
    2.  2 Reading Days on the Thursday and Friday in the last week of classes 
    3.  Staring classes on Wednesday and the implications of moving into residents halls   


    Mark Tumeo noted that the number of hours for instruction already are limited and that cutting into those hours could be problematic.

    The motion to table the item passed by majority vote.


    Motion from the Floor by Gordon Rakita :
    Should there be a need to approve the calendar before the February FA meeting, if the need exists, the Executive Committee would make that decision on behalf of the FA. 

    Friendly Amendment from the Floor by Georgette Dumont:
    The proposal must return the item to the FA during the February meeting to have it certified.


    Marnie Jones asked if the Executive Committee would be better informed if they had a consensus by the FA.

    The motion to have the Executive Committee vote on the University Matriculation Calendar if needed passed by majority vote.

    Agenda Item# 2- FA 18-02: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee (CCB Graduate)

    CCB (Graduate) – (Marketing & Logistics): New Degree Program Request: Proposal for Master of Science – Logistics and Supply Chain Management Major (1 package)
    There is one package in this item from the Department of Marketing and Logistics in the Coggin College of Business. It is a proposal for a new graduate program in Supply Chain Management.


    David Fenner noted that in the proposal there is identified a 3% added cost of living adjustment (COLA) each year and whether that language was required for such academic proposals.

    Kim Cheek noted that she asked the SACS Liaison Shawn Brayton about this last week. Ms. Brayton responded that they were directed by the State of Florida for the COLA, and that this adjustment would be applied when available, but should not be considered a guarantee.

    Gordon Rakita noted that if the state requires is to provide the information, whether the State will provide the necessary funds to offer faculty this COLA.

    Dan Richard noted that it seems dishonest to require such COLA in proposals when evidence has shown that such COLA are typically not provided to faculty despite the inclusion of this language.


    George Rainbolt noted that we should not be dishonest if we do not need to be. He indicated that we should consider striking the language about COLA from the paragraph.

    Rebecca Marcon noted that faculty bargaining is part of negotiation of salaries and that we cannot arbitrarily grant COLA increase outside of the collective bargaining process. Such an approach would be a grievance by the UFF Chapter.

    Mark Tumeo noted that once the request of a new degree plan is approved, that the plan does not go back to the State. As such, he supported a motion to strike the language regarding COLA.

    Robert Frankel, the Chair of the Marketing and Logistics Department noted that the statement was required, followed the direction from the Provosts’ office, as part of the budgeting process.

    Chris Johnson, Associate Dean of the Coggin College of Business, noted that the language indicates that the College has the budgeted funds for COLA, but that the College does not guarantee that this COLA will be part of the budget plan. All such expenses are subject to change because they are part of the budget planning process.

    Robert Frankel noted that the language regarding COLA is to protect faculty, to allow their salaries to be adjusted properly if the finding is available. All such COLAs are dependent on budgets being funded.

    Motion by George Rainbolt to table the item and send it back to the Executive Committee.

    Chris Johnson suggested that instead of tabling the item, could we add statement that says “pending available funding” as to not hinder the progress to implement the program.

    Radha Pyati noted that passing this proposal does not add legal force to these proposed COLAs.

    Heather Truelove asked whether we could receive better language from Academic Affairs.

    Chris Johnson noted that the delay in the process seems unnecessary given that the language was required.

    Mark Tumeo noted that despite the need to move this proposal along, this is a much larger issue. As a Faculty Association, we should get clarity around this language.

    Linda Connolly suggested that we move the item with the additional language.

    David Fenner noted that there is a benefit to moving the proposal along, and that the language issue could be addressed separately through a different process.

    Scott Hochwald indicated that the budget should reflect reality.

    Radha Pyati asked if we could request a statement from Academic Affairs for the State required statement regarding the budget and include such a statement in the minutes.

    The Motion to send the proposal back to the Executive Committee failed by majority vote.  

    There was a Motion to add a friendly amendment “The salary and budget figures above are pending based on available funding and in adherence to the Collective Bargaining Agreement” at the bottom.

    The Motion was approved by majority vote with the friendly amendment.



    University of North Florida – Technology Grant – Call For Proposals

    The meeting adjourned at 1:35 p.m.