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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Affairs Committee Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Location: OFE/FA Conference Room - Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Rm 3108

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 PM by David Fenner 2015-2016, Co-Chair.

Members Present:

David Fenner, Chip Klostermeyer, Gordon Rakita, Diane Tanner, Sherry Pinkstaff, and Alireza Jahan-Mihan

Members Absent:

Scott Hochwald, Lisandra Carmichael, Dan Richard, Mina Baliamoune

Others Attending:

Joann Campbell, Associate VP for the Compliance Officer

Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of the Minutes

    Minutes from February 11 were approved by the committee and posted on the web.
  • New Business

    Conflict of Interest :  Joann Campbell indicated that the university has been apprised (via anonymous tips and audits) that we have had conflicts of interests.  She is leading an initiative to develop documentation (e.g. a FAQ) and hold workshops on conflict of interest.  She has pulled together a document outlining questions and comments that have been generated.  The intention is to develop answers and guidelines for addressing various situation.  There will be an effort to revise UNF’s conflict of interest policy (e.g. to include a definition of COI).  The efforts are ongoing and they are seeking input from stakeholders.  If the Faculty Affairs Committee has additional questions, answers, or comments, these would be much appreciated.  The committee asked what issues are covered by the CBA and accrediting standards (and which supersede/trumps which)?  The committee agreed to review Campbell’s document and develop some responses, additional questions, suggestions?


    Academic Misconduct Cases : Fenner described to the committee about the first (of two) Academic Misconduct case (including its origins and the process up until this point).  The committee reviewed both the Investigating Panel’s report and the Accused’s appeal and voted unanimously to affirm the finding of the Investigatory Panel.  The committee also voted unanimously in favor of a list of recommendations that would be forwarded to the Provost.  Fenner will draft a letter for the Provost and circulate it to the committee members for approval.  He also described the status of a second Academic Misconduct case.  The committee approved the list of three members (and an alternative) for the second Investigatory Panel.


    Dual-Application for Community Engaged Scholarship awards: Klostermeyer reported that Falbo recommended that the award stay as it is.  The committee agreed.
  • Old Business

    Developing guidelines for Restructuring Colleges : The committee reviewed the draft guidelines, offering friendly amendments to the voting clauses.  The committee voted unanimously to support the guidelines.


    Research/Scholarship Survey : The committee tabled the discussion of the survey (as an early step in working out a research identity statement for the university).


    Divest UNF : The committee tabled the discussion of the Divest UNF matter.


    Retired faculty email  accounts issue: Rakita reported that he had not yet spoken with the appropriate ITS personnel.  The committee tabled this item.
  • Adjournment & Next Meeting

    The meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM.
    Next meeting will be on Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 12:15 p.m. in the OFE/FA Conference Room, Bldg 16, Rm 3108.