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Minutes of Meeting

Executive Committee Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 12:15 PM

Location: OFE/FA Conference Room - Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Rm 3108

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The Executive Committee meeting was called to order at 12:18 p.m. by Faculty Association Vice-President David Fenner.

Members Present:

Heather Truelove, Paul Eason, Elizabeth Gregg, Alan Harris, Gordon Rakita, Brian Kopp, Kim Cheek, Raphael Crowley, Judith Ochrietor, Andrea Arikawa, Maria Antilano, David Fenner, Radha Pyati, Chip Klostermeyer, Scott Hochwald, Dan Richard

Members Absent:

Jose Franco, Steven Williamson

Ex-Officio Members:

Cindy Chin

Others Attending:


Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of Minutes

    The minutes from April 18, 2017 were approved as posted on the webpage.
    Meetings of May and June 2017 were cancelled.
  • Association President Updated Report - Radha Pyati

      Several committees require the selection of a new Chair. The new Chairs should be selected for the following standing committees before September 7 FA Meeting (ASC, BAC, CTC, FAC, FEC, SPAC, SSC) 

    September Kick Off Executive Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 19 @11:30 AM for outgoing & incoming chairs in the OFE/FA Conference Room. 

    Meetings with President John Delaney and the Provost usually occur once or twice per semester during the Fall and Spring. Radha will work with these offices to schedule meetings for the upcoming semesters. 

    Motion: The following faculty members have been forwarded for Executive Committee approval for service on the Research Council for the academic years of 2017-2019.

    Dr. Denise Bossy, associate professor of History as COAS representative
    Dr. Jason Haraldsen, assistant professor of Physics as COAS representative
    Dr. Christopher Flynn, assistant professor of Management as CCB representative
    Dr. John Nuszkowski, professor of School of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering as CCEC representative
    Dr. David Hoppey, associate professor & program director of Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education as COEHS representative
    Dr. Tammie Johnson, associate professor of Public Health as BCH representative
    Mr. Thomas Caswell, Director of Public Services as Library representative 

    These members were approved by the Executive Committee.

    Thank you Dr. Kathy Robinson and Dr. Gordon Rakita for their continued contribution in supporting the Foundation Account as our balance at May 2017 is $1,220.83 in compared with last year balance 2016 as at $1,078.33.


    2017-18 Faculty Awards nominations

    UG, G, & ADJ: Beginning on Monday, 9/18/2017
    UG, G, & ADJ: Ending on Thursday, 10/5/2017
    DP, SCH, SER, FCESCH: Beginning/Ending on Wednesday, 12/6/2017 and ending on Tuesday, 1/16/2018

    Nominations for DP, SCH, SER, FCESCH are slight change to the timeline from next year January to this year December.

    Special Report: For the September 7th Faculty Association meeting, the committee will begin at 12:00 noon to accommodate an update regarding the presidential search by Trustee Kevin Hyde. 

    Faculty Raises: The United Faculty of Florida will be negotiating with the Administration regarding faculty raises.

  • New Business


    Executive Committee – David Fenner
    The following represents a list of activities being considered as a way to streamline and make more efficient Faculty Association business. The various committees will be discussing these items in the coming months.

    - Revisit the Standing Committees Bylaws and Charges
    - Arrangement of Consent Agenda, especially for programs of study
    - Display of Comte meeting times and locations on the screen
    - Special Call for faculty who have issues to be concerned and submitted to FA president, from then forward to the respective committee for discussion, and the person(s) raising the issue(s) will be invited to that meeting.


    Academic Standards Committee – Steven Williamson
    Alan Harris reported for the committee. The Academic Standards Committee has not met since the summer. David Fenner will follow-up with the committee to determine the schedule for the committee.


    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Elizabeth Gregg
    The first meeting of the Adjunct Affairs Committee this semester was August 18th. Liz Gregg will serve as Chair of the committee, and David McKenna will serve as Secretary. The schedule for meetings will be the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m.


    Budget Advisory Committee – Alan Harris
    The next Budget Advisory Committee will be on Monday, August 28th , 2017 @11:00 a.m. The committee will be selecting a new Chair.


    Campus Technology Committee – Jose Franco
    Gordon Rakita reported for the committee. The first Campus Technology Committee meeting will be on Friday, September 1st. 2017 at 10 AM. At the first meeting, the committee will select a new Chair. The committee also will be discussing student response systems.


    Faculty Affairs Committee – Gordon Rakita
    The next meeting of the committee will meet September 14th, and the committee will select a committee chair at that time. The committee will be discussing a draft of the Campus Climate Survey, a review of the Student Rights & Responsibility Statement, and there are changes to the faculty handbook regarding textbook selection, review a policy on email access for part-time faculty, will be looking at recommendations for family leave, and the use of faculty development funds (currently now used almost exclusively for travel). The Faculty Affairs Committee and the Research Council have prepared a University Research Statement, which will be an item on the agenda today.


    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Raphael Crawley
    The Faculty Enhancement Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 @2 PM and will elect a Chair for the coming year. 


    Nominations and Elections Committee – Dana Hart
    Heather Truelove reported for the committee and she is the incoming Chair of the committee. The work of the committee will be starting in earliest in January.


    Research Council – Judith Ochrietor
    First meeting of academic year will be on Wednesday, August 31st, 2017 @3 PM. The Council has helped in preparing the Scholarship Statement that currently is under consideration by the Executive Committee. The statement was a consequence of a survey of faculty and conversations about the results of the survey between the Research Council and the Faculty Affairs Committee. There was a discussion regarding whether this item should be an agenda item to be voted on by the Faculty Association or an information Item, with no vote. The decision was tabled for the Executive Committee Chair will seek further input from the Faculty Association Standing Committee Chairs.


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee – Paul Eason
    The Strategic Planning Advisory Committee has not met in the Fall semester as of yet. Paul Eason will follow-up with members to schedule a meeting. The final version of the Strategic Plan is up on the website. The plan will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for a vote in October.


    Support Services Committee – Brian Kopp
    The Support Services Committee met on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 @10 AM with Parking Services and Director of Business Services.  Chip Klostermeyer wanted the committee to follow-up with parking services regarding the vehicle used to check license plates for parking certification.  At the time the proposal was approved, the vehicle was planned to be environmentally friendly. Maria Atilano is new chair of the committee.


    Academic Programs Committee – Michael Bovenzi
    Incoming chair, Kim Cheek reported for the committee.

    • Agenda Item# 1-FA 17-38: COAS- Undergraduate (New Degree Proposal)
      The proposal is to establish a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience. There was some concern regarding the commitment of funds for the program. The proposal was returned for clarification regarding the commitment of funds for the program, from the Dean or Provost. Alternatively, the department could address the resource issues in other ways, such as limited enrollment.
    • Agenda Item# 2-FA 17-39: COAS- Undergraduate
      This proposal is to add a Communication Studies major in the Department of Communication. The proposal will create four new courses and make changes to two existing courses. The proposal for the Communication Studies major indicates that there are no new resources needed for this major. The Physics department is updating the program of study by adding courses.
      The item was approved.
    • Agenda Item# 3-FA 17-40: CCB- Undergraduate
      The item includes several packets from the Accounting & Finance Department and the Marketing & Logistics Program. The proposal includes changes to courses as well as changes to co-requisites and pre-requisites for some courses.
      The item was approved.
    • Agenda Item# 4-FA 17-41: CCEC- Undergraduate
      The item includes several changes to elective courses to increase options for Civil Engineering majors. Also there is an added concentration.
      The item was approved.
    • Agenda Item# 5 -FA 17-42: BCH – Undergraduate
      The item includes modifications to the undergraduate courses and includes a concentration.
      The item was approved.
    • Agenda Item# 6-FA 17-43: BCH- Graduate
      The item changes several pre-requisites and changes the course description of several courses.
      The item was approved.
    • Agenda Item# 7-FA 17-44: UG- Undergraduate
      The item creates a first-year seminar and a community-based learning seminars under Undergraduate Studies. There was a friendly amendment to change the acronym FTIC to the word “freshmen”. There was some discussion of the title of the course. The item was returned for consideration of the title “UNF Cares.” There was a question regarding whether tuition was charged for these courses, and who would be teaching these courses.
      The item was returned for clarification.



  • Consent Agenda

    There is no consent agenda item.
  • Others

    Information Item# 1 2017-2018 Promotion and Tenure Timeline (Academic Affairs)
    Information Item# 2 – Special Topics and Experimental Courses Policy (Registrar’s Office)
    Information Item# 3 – Program of Study Guidelines & Requirement (APC Committee)
    Information Item# 4 - 5 Year Courses Review - No Changes (2016-2017 List)
    Information Item# 5 – 5 Years Courses Inactivity Report (not printout)
    Information Item# 6 – APC 2016-2017 Annual Report (not printout)
    Information Item# 7 –APC Workflow System Packages 2016-2017 by Colleges and Departments (not printout)
  • Adjournment & Next Meeting

    The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

    The next Faculty Association Meeting will be on Thursday, September 7, 2017 @12:00 PM.
    The next Executive Committee (Kick Off) Meeting will be on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 @ 11:30 AM