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Minutes of Meeting

Executive Committee Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Location: OFE/FA Conference Room - Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Rm 3108

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The Executive Committee meeting was called to order at 12:26 PM.

Members Present:

Scott Hochwald, David Fenner, Katrina Hall, Pali Sen, Elizabeth Gregg, Gordon Rakita, Patrick Kreidl, Chip Klostermeyer, Michael Bovenzi, Luke Cornelius, Steven Williamson, Donna Mohr, Paul Eason, Laura Heffernan

Members Absent:

Aisha Johnson, Richard Patterson, Georgette Dumont

Ex-Officio Members:

Cindy Chin

Others Attending:


Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of Minutes

    The minutes from January 19, 2016 were approved at 12:26 p.m. as posted on the webpage.

  • Association President – Chip Klostermeyer

    • Agenda Item#1-FA 16-11: 2016-17 Faculty Association Budget Proposals
    • The committee approved Lori Lange, associate professor & chair of Psychology, and Judy Ochrietor, associate professor & Asst chair of Biology as appointed COAS representatives to the Research Council.
    • The committee approved Mina Baliamoune-Lutz as the CCB representative on the Research Council.
    • FA president, Dr. Chip Klostermeyer decided to hold a social gathering for the committee, Faculty Affairs Committee, and the incoming officers on a Friday at 3:00 p.m. The date is set on Friday, March 25, 2016 in the Faculty Lounge.
  • New Business


    Executive Committee    Scott Hochwald

    The committee approved the proposed budget. The next meeting is Tuesday, March 22.


    Academic Standards Committee          Steven Williamson

    There is no report. The committee will meet this Friday and Meghan Kuehner will be presenting some BOR policies.


    Adjunct Affairs Committee            Elizabeth Gregg

    They met the first week of February and created a draft for the awards for adjuncts. The draft is being edited and will be discussed when they meet the first week in March.


    Budget Advisory Committee            Richard Patterson

    Their next meeting is Thursday at 12:15 in 51/3102.


    Campus Technology Committee          Donna Mohr

    They met Friday, January 29, during which time they organized for the review of CANVAS and the technology.

    Friday, February 26, 2016 at 10:00 AM is next meeting.  They will review the technology grants and gathering information to draft a letter to the Provost about CANVAS, which is due February 29.  As chairperson of the Campus Technology Committee, she attended the DLC, which formed a subcommittee to review the online proctoring process, which is currently being done remotely.  Dr. Mohr was invited to talk to the group about Adobe. The plan is that 100% would have the Adobe Pro, but only about 30% would have the full suite. This would eliminate the v-lab.  It was noted that Adobe runs slow on the v-lab. Dr. Rakita noted that the v-lab might still have Adobe until the end of the year.  The costs for Adobe at the low end is $146,000 per year; the high cost is $249,000 per year, which would not meet the goal of having Adobe Pro on all faculty computers. There was a discussion about SafeAssign being replaced by another format.  It was noted that CANVAS may have a similar function. The licensing deal through the BOG is less expensive than Blackboard.  They are looking at moving Blackboard to the cloud in a year or two anyway.


    Faculty Affairs Committee           David Fenner/Gordon Rakita

    They will meet on Thursday, March 10th 2016 at 12:15 p.m. in OFE/FA Conference Room. Shari Shuman will provide documents on DIVEST UNF regarding concerns regarding divestment from companies with fossil fuels is unlikely or impossible. They are also looking at guidelines for restructuring colleges. There is one item on the agenda –the electronic Promotion and Tenure portfolios.  There is a demonstration on March 11 in 51/1205; plans are being made to video it for faculty who cannot attend the demonstration.


    Faculty Enhancement Committee             Paul Eason

    They met with the Provost and Len Roberson last week and set up an agenda and schedule to review the Faculty Enhancement Department. They will be closely following the review that was already done.


    Nominations and Elections Committee            Patrick Kreidl

    - Information Item# 1: Faculty Association Standing and University Committee Nominations               

    The openings will be reviewed at the meeting and presented on the overhead.


    Research Council          Aisha Johnson

    Laura Heffernan reported for the committee. They met last Wednesday and reviewed the rubric for the research scholarships. They are going to make sure that the rubric aligns the call. They are going to look at the various centers on campus and how active they are.


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee            Pali Sen

    - Information Item# 4: UNF Graduating Senior Survey Responses

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 12:15 p.m. is the next meeting. The information item will be the Graduating Senior Survey Responses.  Dr. Sen reviewed the survey results with the Executive Committee.


    Support Services Committee           Luke Cornelius

    They talked to the Library personnel, which now has resources. They are going to learn about International Center resources next Thursday, February 25, 2016.


    Academic Programs Committee           Michael Bovenzi

    They met last Thursday, February 4 and will meet on Thursday, March 3 at 10:00 AM again. They believe the process is getting better, but new or unique changes happen each semester, that they are working to address. 
    The COAS curriculum department recommended that the Academic Programs chair visit with chairs to help clarify system.
     -Agenda Item# 2-FA 16-12: COAS – Undergraduate

    Dr. Bovenzi recommended approving this packet, pending outcome of Physics #201508-96. The agenda was approved for the packages: 201508-130; 2015508-107; 201508-108; 201508-71.

    -Agenda Item# 3-FA 16-13: COAS – Graduate

    Dr. Bovenzi noted that the chair was shifting current faculty to address the courses.  It was noted that the packet should clarify the resources needed and include a written statement about resources and the 5000 level courses; a question was raised about the prerequisites Statistics course (STA 6166 Statistical Methods I) on the new course: MMC 6XXX - Quantitative Research Methods in Mass Communication. The package: 201508-11 was pulled from the agenda item #FA 16-12. The remainder of the packet was approved for the agenda: 201508-109.

     -Agenda Item# 4-FA 16-14: CCB – Undergraduate

    Dr. Bovenzi moved the item for approval; the item was approved for the agenda.

    -Agenda Item# 5-FA 16-15: CCEC – Undergraduate

    Dr. Bovenzi moved the item for approval; the item was approved for the agenda.

    -Agenda Item# 6-FA 16-16: BCH – Undergraduate

    Dr. Bovenzi moved the item for approval; the item was approved for the agenda.

  • Consent Agenda

    No consent agenda for March 2016 FA mtg.

  • Others

    - Information Item#2: Update on the Electronic Promotion & Tenure Dossier System Invitation to Negotiate
    - Campus Safety Advisory Report by John Hale, Assistant Vice President, Physical Facilities
    - A List of Standing Committees Membership
    - Standing Committee Charges
  • Adjournment & Next Meeting

    The meeting was adjourned at 1: 26 p.m.

    Association Meeting:    Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 12:15 p.m. @Talon Room, Osprey Commons,
    Bldg 16, 4th Floor
    Executive Committee Meeting:  Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 12:15 p.m. @ OFE/FA Conference Room, Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Room 3108