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Minutes of Meeting

Campus Technology Committee Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Location: COAS Dean’s Conference Room, Bldg 51/Rm 3201

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

Voting Members: Georgette Dumont, Sherif Elfayoumy, Jennifer Murray; Gregory Wurtz, Sean Davis, Linda Connelly Non-Voting Members: Gordon Rakita (Academic Technology Director), Christopher Petrello (Director IT Service Management), and Deb Miller (CIRT Senior Director)

Members Present:

Absent: Suzanne Ehrlich Non-Voting Members Absent: Dmitriy Bond (Enterprise Systems Director), Reggie Brinson (ITS Chief Information Officer), Jeff Durfee (Networking, Systems, & Security Director)

Meeting Minutes

  • Call to Order

    Meeting was called to order at 9:03 p.m.
  • Approval of Minutes

    October minutes were unanimously approved.
  • Reports

    •  CIRT Report
      • CIRT will be releasing its newsletter next week with updates for the campus community. 
      • The UNF Digital Showcase is tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov. 8). Will report back on success in December. 
      • Course Redesigns (OER) – Responses have been slow. May do an informational session if responses are low. Suggestion was made to link to available open-source text books to better inform faculty of options.
    • Academic Technology
      • Promotion and tenure dossier process is currently with the college Deans. Asked to roll out the system by some departments for 3rd year reviews. Will send out surveys to get feedback from those who have interacted with the system (faculty and department chairs)
      • There were flyers on the tables at the October Faculty Association meeting for use of the teleconferencing cart. Hope to see an uptick in use. 
      • AT has been working with Coggin on its Downtown Project and the use of teleconferencing tools. 
      • Looking at putting out an APC system (workflow) upgrade proposal. They are starting with feedback from faculty on the current system to make sure the proposal includes all needed functions.
  • Old Business

    • Antiplagiarism Tools
      • Decided that a faculty-lead group would be best to decide on antiplagiarism tools. 
      • We will Invite Linda Howell from the Writing Center, to our December meeting to see how best to work together to identify the appropriate anti-plagiarism tool. 
      • Deb will compile a comprehensive list of available tools that are compatible with Canvas for the next meeting. The goals is to identify 2-3 possible choices, and compete a faculty lead comparison of the tools. 
  • New Business

    • CTC Grant calls for proposals and evaluation criteria changes to streamline the language and evaluation criteria were reviewed. There were two friendly amendments, which were both accepted unanimously. The changes were passes unanimously,
    • Open Discussion 
      • Davis asked about whether there was a lockdown browser for mobile phone, Miller would look into it more, but reported that our current vendor does not support mobile devises other than iPad. 
  • Adjournment & Next Meeting

    • Dumont will send out a Doodle to schedule the December meeting.
    • Meeting adjourned at 9:55 AM