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Annual Report 
Submitted by Jose Franco, Chair 

Faculty Members: Thomas Caswell, Ching-Hua Chuan, Sean M. Davis, Georgette Dumont, Suzanne Ehrlich, Jose Franco and Tammie Johnson.

Non-Voting Members: Reggie Brinson, Gordon Rakita, Christopher Petrello, Deb Miller, Jeff Durfee, and Dmitriy Bond.

This year the Campus Technology Committee focused its attention on two important tasks. The first one was to serve as an advisory board to the Academic Technology Director regarding the Faculty Technology Grant applications. In addition to this, the committee voted in favor of creating a subcommittee tasked with working on the current wording of the application material to add clarity for the applicants and reviewers. The second task was a discussion of UNF’s current clicker technology.

Review and Recommendations of Faculty Technology Grant Applications. 

The committee reviewed two rounds of Faculty Technology Grants applications, one for the Fall 2016 semester and one for the Spring 2017 semester. The committee discussed the merits of each application and assigned each application to one of the next three categories:

  • Top tier: The grant applications in this tier are recommended for funding.
  • Second tier: The committee considers these applications worthwhile. They may be funded if further clarification is provided.
  • Third tier: The committee does not find this applications appropriate for funding through this grant.
During the Fall 2016 term, the committee received a total of 16 grant proposals from the Academic Technology Director. Out of these proposals, six were recommended for funding, five were assigned to the second tier and five to the third. For the Spring 2017 semester the committee received a total of 10 grant proposals. In this round, only four proposals were assigned to the top tier, four to the second tier, and two to the third tier.

Clicker Technologies:

Due to changes in the policies of the current provider of clicker technologies, the Director of CIRT recommended the Campus Technology Committee review the alternatives available to our current provider. Since, the current increase in price was not deemed prohibitive, the committee resolved to continue the use of the current technology until the committee is able to explore the many options available. One of the technologies that were not fully developed at the time of the previous evaluation of clicker technologies is the Wi-Fi based clicker technology. These, however, often run on mobile platforms. Some faculty have expressed apprehension to these types of platforms. Therefore, the committee agreed that a survey of the faculty sentiment regarding this issue is needed. These action items and further discussion will have to be addressed by the committee in the next academic year.