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Minutes of Meeting

Campus Technology Committee Friday, April 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Location: OFE/FA Conference Room - Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Rm 3108

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

Meeting convened at 10:00 am in the OFE/FA Conference Room (Bldg 16).

Members Present:

Donna Mohr, Jose Franco, Ronghua Ouyang, John McEldowney, Tammie Johnson, Ching-Hua Chuan

Members Absent:

Robb Waltner (left UNF)

Ex-Officio Members:

Non-Voting Members Attending: Gordon Rakita (ITS-Academic Technology Director), Reggie Brinson – (ITS-CIO), Deb Miller-(CIRT Director), James George (ITS-User Service), Dmitriy Bond (ITS-Enterprise System Director) Non-Voting Members Absence: Jeff Durfee ( Networking, Systems, & Security Director)

Others Attending:


Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of Minutes

    Minutes of the February 26, 2016 were amended to include Tammie Johnson as absent. The minutes of 2/26/2016 and 3/4/2016 were moved, seconded and approved.
  • Reports

    ITS (Reggie Brinson)

    Brinson reported that the journal entries have been made for the Technology grants. The contract with Adobe has been negotiated. We will not be able to keep the VLAB product, but will have a good student/faculty purchase price on the Creative Cloud products. We will have enough Adobe Acrobat for all campus machines and Creative Cloud on all student labs and those faculty/staff who have need. A full copy of the report is attached.

    CIRT/Blackboard report (Deb Miller) 
    Blackboard has been stable. The planning for Canvas is proceeding rapidly with an implementation team already making progress. A steering committee has been formed with representation from many groups, including a CTC representative. The plan is for Canvas to be available to faculty by May 16 for learning and training, with training materials to be available at that point.
    Distance Learning Committee (Donna Mohr)
    The DLC meeting will be meeting later this morning. Its subcommittee on remote proctoring systems has arranged a demonstration of ‘Examity’ for April 27. 
    Academic Technology Director (Gordon Rakita). 
    Rakita is optimistic that our $15k budget request for technology grants will be approved for next year.
  • New Business

    Policy on checkout of equipment from CIRT. Deb Miller asked for feedback on CIRT’s proposal to suspend checkout privileges for faculty who have repeatedly lost or damaged equipment. The CTC approved this change, and suggested that privileges also be suspended for faculty who repeatedly return equipment late.

    Clicker system potential change.
    Deb Miller reported that TurningPoint is changing their Clicker system model in a way that may make them much more costly. She recommends the CTC review Clicker systems again in the Fall of 2016, and include a reanalysis of whether smartphone based systems are now feasible.
  • Old Business

    Transition to CANVAS.
    Dmitriy Bond presented a timeline for the transition to Canvas. Canvas would be available for faculty to learn by mid-May of 2016. There would be a pilot of systems in Summer B with just under 400 students in 7 different classes at varying levels of complexity. It would be available to all faculty in the Fall. The last available date for courses in Blackboard would be Spring 2017. Blackboard would be unavailable for classes in Summer 2017.

    Organization for Fall 2017

    Jose Franco will convene the group in Fall 2017. A new chairperson will be selected then.