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Annual Report
Submitted By Dr. Julie Ingersoll, co-chair

The Committee met on January 23, 2015 Richard Patterson joins Julie Ingersoll as co-chair. The committee met to develop a plan for the reminder of the year deciding to seek a greater level of transparency regarding budget processes and seek to gain an understanding from across the university about how the different units get their resources and then how they allocate them by meeting with people in those units who are responsible for this. The committee agreed to continue salary data analysis looking at data for administrators and staff.

The Committee met on March, 6, 2015 with the Council of Chairs at our request in an effort to initiate our project seeking greater budgetary transparency, better faculty understanding of budgeting in service of an effort for grater faculty engagement with the budget process across the university.

The committee met on April 3rd, 2015 with Dean Elizabeth Curry presented on the library budget process. She provided a handout (via email) on Academic Affairs Budgetary Process. She shared a draft document of the Collection Development & Budget Process for Major Library Resources, a handout about the Comparison of UNF to Florida Peer Institutions for 2013-2014 and presented a handout on Digital Bookplates specific to the library fundraising efforts. Additionally, she stated that one of her long-term goals is to extend the library. Dean Curry stated that when compared with other peer institutions, UNF expenditure per FTE for library information resource is the lowest at $144.93. For example, UWF spend $151.08, FGCU spend $180.89, and FAU spend $183.32. It was also noted that keeping the budget constant would likely mean a substantial reduction in resources, as providers are raising their prices. We also discussed the Digital Commons, which is a resource available to faculty.