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 Adjunct Affairs Committee
Annual Report
Submitted By Dr. Elizabeth Gregg, Chair


The committee met eight times this year (8/7, 9/1, 10/4, 11/8, 2/8, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3). The committee addressed three major issues: general adjunct rights on the UNF Campus, pay and the possibility of raising salaries, the adjunct affairs award, and related matters. Catherine Silvers served as the secretary for the committee. 


Our first guest was Marianne Jaffee, who met with our committee to discuss how Academic Affairs handles adjunct hiring, and the possibility of increasing adjunct salaries. Mrs. Jaffee suggested we speak to Jay Coleman, who was also a guest at one our next committee meeting. 

We revisited the language for the outstanding adjunct awards, and made edits based on feedback received from Dr. Gordon Rakita. Those modifications were ratified by the Faculty Association Executive Committee. The committee re-addressed the issue of new adjunct orientation, a topic we touched upon last academic year. Dan Richard is willing to put training online; we will revisit the issue next year and assist when possible. 

Our most significant activity for the year was forming the awards committee to select four outstanding adjuncts for the institution. Dr. Radha Pyati graciously served on the committee. We anticipate more candidates will be nominated next year. Overall the awards were very well received.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth A. Gregg, PhD – Committee Chair
June 12, 2017