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 Adjunct Affairs Committee
Annual Report
Submitted By Dr. Elizabeth Gregg, Chair

The committee met eight times this year (8/28, 9/23, 10/21, 11/30, 12/8, 2/3, 3/2, and 4/6).

The committee addressed three major issues:
general adjunct rights on the UNF Campus, the possibility of posting available adjunct positions on the University of North Florida’s HR webpage, and creating verbiage for a new teaching award for adjuncts.

First, we met with various stakeholders interested in adjunct rights on campus. Professor James Beasley met with the committee twice to inform us of Faculty Florida’s UNF chapter, and events around the community designed to raise awareness re adjunct rights. We also met with several members of Faculty Florida-UNF to discuss possible improvements we could lobby for. Fortunately the Parking Committee modified their fee schedule and available passes which was one issue consistently raised by guests.

Next, Cheryl Gonzalez met with the committee (and separately several times with the committee chair) to discuss the need to post available adjunct positions on the HR website to comply with state and federal laws. Ms. Gonzalez shared policy examples from other institutions with the committee. Because the policy requires legal language beyond the scope of the expertise of the committee, the item was tabled. 

Finally, with support from Faculty Association President Chip Klostermeyer and our provost, we had the opportunity to create a teaching award for adjuncts, who were previously not eligible for any awards for excellence in instruction. After several drafts were created and revised, it was decided by the FA Executive Committee to revisit the policy language at a later date.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth A. Gregg, PhD – Committee Chair
June 21, 2016